Our Work

ASM members are uniquely positioned to contribute to the mission of promoting and advancing the microbial sciences and make an impact in the community at large through volunteering to serve on an ASM Committee of the Board. These are critical positions that help to guide the organization and are an opportunity to shape the direction of the Society.  


The Board of Directors (BOD) may appoint committees to act for the BOD for special purposes. The BOD designates committee duties and powers in their appointment. The BOD may also appoint or designate members of the Society to serve as ex officio members of standing committees without voting rights, as deemed appropriate.

Standing Committees of the Board

Standing Committees of the Board shall include, but are not limited to, the following committees: Appointments, Audit, Council of Past Presidents, Ethics, Executive, Finance, Governance and Nominating. With the exception of roles of elected officers specified below, members and chairpersons of standing committees are recommended by the ASM Appointments Committee and approved by the BOD. Unless otherwise stated in the bylaws, members of standing committees shall be appointed for a 3-year term and may be reappointed for 1 additional term.

Committees of the Board List

Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee is responsible for appointments to committees, including chairs and members. The ASM Appointments Committee is composed of the President-Elect, as chairperson, and 3 or more members, of which at least 2 need to be members of the Board. The CEO serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the committee. The Chair serves for 1 year, not renewable; committee members serve for 3 years, renewable once.

  • Theresa Koehler (’24), Chair.
  • David Perlin (’26).
  • Nina Salama (’26).
  • Jeffrey Weiser (’26).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for reviewing the audit of the Society’s financial statements with the Society’s auditors and submitting a written report to the Board, which shall include recommendations on fiscal management issues. Consisting of 5 members, preferably not officers or directors of the Society, or otherwise directly involved in the business management of the Society. At least 1 member must be a financial expert. The CEO can be present as needed by the committee, but just like the CFO he/she shall not engage as a committee member or as ex officio. The Chair and committee members serve for 3 years, renewable once.

  • Tom Serena ('24), Chair.
  • Sarah Buss (’24).
  • Todd Petrich (’26).
  • Frank Krause (‘26).
  • Floyd Wormley (’24).
  • Victor DiRita (ex officio).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).
  • Chris DeCesaris (ex officio).

Council of Past Presidents
The Council of Past Presidents (CPP) comprises the 10 most recent past presidents and serves as an advisory committee to the Board. The immediate Past President serves as chair of the CPP. The CPP is charged with reviewing and making recommendations to the Council on Microbial Sciences (COMS) regarding nominees for Honorary Membership and other matters deemed appropriate for the group. 
  • Colleen Kraft (’33), Chair.
  • Peggy Cotter ('28).
  • Victor DiRita ('31).
  • Timothy Donohue ('25). 
  • Lynn Enquist ('26).
  • Steven Finkel (’32).
  • Jo Handelsman ('24).
  • Robin Patel (’30).
  • Susan Sharp (’27).
  • Michele Swanson ('29).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).

Ethics Committee
The Ethics Committee shall focus on issues surrounding scientific, research and professional misconduct. It will oversee matters involving members’ or nonmember affiliates’ noncompliance with the Society’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. As directed by the ASM Board, the committee will be the authoritative body in resolution of these issues. The Ethics Committee consists of 4-7 members. The Chair and committee members serve for 3 years, renewable once. 
  • Jennifer Lodge (’26), Chair.
  • Gundula Bosch ('25).
  • Dennis Dean (’26).
  • Corrella Deitweiler ('26).
  • Cindy Munro ('26).
  • Floyd Wormley ('25).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).
  • Amy Kullas (ex officio).
  • Kim Shankle (ex officio).

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, Past President, Secretary and Treasurer. The CEO serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the committee. The President serves as Chair of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall carry out its duties as provided in the Bylaws and, subject to applicable provisions of D.C. law and the Articles of Incorporation, act on behalf of the BOD. The Executive Committee is responsible for acting on ordinary matters and should not establish or set policies on its own. Any actions taken by the Executive Committee are reported back to the full BOD at the following meeting of the BOD. 
  • Virginia Miller (’25), President.
  • Theresa Koehler (’26), President-Elect.
  • Colleen Kraft  (’24), Past President.
  • Robin Patel ('26), Secretary.
  • Victor DiRita (‘26), Treasurer.
  • Stefano Bertuzzi, CEO (ex officio, non-voting).

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee shall be responsible for financial, accounting, budgetary, dues and similar affairs of the Society. The Finance Committee shall advise the Board regarding the annual budget, the management of Society funds and other financial matters. The Finance Committee is composed of the Treasurer, as chairperson, and 3 or more members, of which at least 2 need to be members of the BOD. The CEO serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the committee. The Chair and committee members serve for 3 years, renewable once.
  • Victor DiRita ('26), Chair.
  • Steven Finkel (’25).
  • Robin Patel (’26).
  • David Perlin (’24).
  • Ron Xavier ('26).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).
  • Chris DeCesaris (ex officio).

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of governance structures and processes, including the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Society and the Policies and Procedures Manual of the Society, and for making recommendations to the Board and the Council on Microbial Sciences (COMS) of any appropriate changes. The Chair and committee members serve for 3 years, renewable once. 
  • Robin Patel, Chair (’25).
  • Tim Donohue, Vice Chair (’25).
  • Victor DiRita (’23).
  • Stanley Maloy (’25).
  • Michael Schmidt (’25).
  • Ron Xavier (’25).
  • Kim Shankle (ex officio).
  • Allen Segal (ex officio).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi, (ex officio).

Investment Subcommittee
  • Victor DiRita ('26), Chair.
  • Dawn Carpenter (’24).
  • David Durack (’24).
  • Bill Harman ('24).
  • Anthony Johnson ('26).
  • Barbara Landes (’24).
  • Carlo Marini ('26).
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).
  • Chris DeCesaris (ex officio).

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominations of elected positions. The Nominating Committee will put forth a slate for each position on the Board and for at-large positions on the Council on Microbial Sciences (COMS).  

The Past President will serve as Chair, and the committee will include 2 members appointed by the Board plus 6 members appointed by the COMS to be broadly representative of perspectives of COMS. The COMS appointments may be sitting or former COMS members. All Nominating Committee members, except the Chair, shall serve a single 2-year term. The Chair serves a single 1-year term. The CEO serves as an ex officio, nonvoting member of the committee. 

  • Colleen Kraft, Chair (’24).
  • Brad Bearson (’25).
  • Monica Cartelle Gestal(’25).
  • Vaughn Cooper (’25).
  • Joanna Goldberg (’25).
  • Shazia Tabassum Hakim (25). 
  • Zaffar Hussain ('25).
  • Birthe Veno Kjellerup ('25). 
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).

Publishing Committee

The Publishing Committee is to set the strategic direction and priorities for publishing activities that further ASM’s mission to promote and advance the microbial sciences and position ASM as the premier source of microbiology content globally, supported by profitable revenue streams. The Publishing Committee is composed of the Board member (Chair), Chair of the Journals Committee (ex officio, voting member), Chair of the ASM Press Committee (ex officio, voting member), Journals EiC representative (1), books representative (1), ASM members (2), external publishing professionals (3), academic librarian (1), ex-officio, voting (ASM Treasurer), ex-officio, non-Voting (ASM CEO), Director of Journals, Director of ASM Press. The Chair serves on the committee for 3 years, renewable once. Other members (non ex-officio) serve 3-year terms, renewable once.  

  • Vaughn Cooper (’26), Chair.
  • Colleen Campbell (’26).
  • Brooks Hanson (’26).
  • Pam Harley (’26).
  • Darla Henderson (’26).
  • Alexander McAdam (’25).
  • Patrick Schloss(’28).
  • Renee Tsolis (’25).
  • Victor DiRita (ex officio)
  • Stefano Bertuzzi (ex officio).
  • Melissa Junior (ex officio).

Ad Hoc Program Evaluation Committee (APEC)
  • TBD, Chair.
  • Esther Babady ('23).
  • Heidi Goodrich-Blair ('23).
  • Joe Heitman ('23).
  • Jay Lennon ('23).
  • Linoj Samuel ('23).

Board of Directors Programmatic Committee (BDPC)
  • TBD, Chair.
  • Steve Finkel ('23).
  • Kara Levinson ('23).
  • Julie Segre ('23) TBD.
  • Marylynn Yates ('23).
  • Chris DeCesaris (ex officio).

Inclusive Diversity with Equity, Access, and Accountability (IDEAA)
  • Greetchen Diaz (’25), Chair.
  • Catherine Eze (’26).
  • Dioscaris R. Garcia (’24).
  • Margaret Powers-Fletcher ('26). 
  • Rachel Roper ('24). 
  • Shannon Vassell (ex-officio).