Stefano Bertuzzi, Ph.D., MPH


Chris DeCesaris, CPA

Chief Finance and Business Officer

Melissa Junior

Executive Publisher

Allen Segal, J.D.

Chief Strategy and Public Affairs Officer

Kimberly Shankle

Chief People and Change Management Officer

Janet Hedrick

Director, Membership & Engagement

Irene Hulede

Director, Education

Wes Kim, Ph.D.

Director, Global Public Health

Amy Kullas, Ph.D.

Director, Ethics

Anirban Mahapatra, Ph.D.

Director, Editorial

Nguyen K. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Director, American Academy of Microbiology

Sharon Oluga, CPA


Jennifer Tomb, CAE, CMP, CEM

Director, Meetings and Exhibits

Nancy Wamburu, M.S.

Director, Clinical and Public Health