Christine Charlip

Director of ASM Press

Christine Charlip is the Director of ASM Press, the book publishing division of American Society for Microbiology. She leads the development of new content, including textbooks, reference manuals, general interest titles, and review journals, as well as the strategies for monetization. Among the many tasks of a publisher, driving discoverability and use of digital book content is a priority, and Christine is approaching these challenges via content presentation—book metadata, chapter abstracts, dois—and content connections—abstracting, indexing, discovery services, link resolvers, and SEO. Current objectives include identifying commercial publisher partners to enhance sales reach and digital distribution to grow revenue. After finishing her graduate studies in ecology and neurobiology more than three decades ago, Christine entered the field of scholarly communications and has published books and journals for the American Gastroenterological Association, National Association of Home Builders, and American Diabetes Association. She joined ASM in 2011.