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Robust health systems with integrated laboratory networks around the world.

Public hospital with integrated laboratory in Nampula, Mozambique.
Public hospital with integrated laboratory in Nampula, Mozambique.


To improve public health outcomes by empowering and integrating microbiology laboratories into clinical care and population surveillance.

How We Do It

Laboratories are critical to public health. We focus on strengthening laboratories in resource-limited countries:
  • Developing a workforce through mentorship and training.
  • Shaping policy and strategic approaches.
  • Establishing sustainable, quality-assured diagnostic capacity.
  • Improving biosafety and biorisk management.
  • Supporting outbreak detection and response.
  • Advising on laboratory planning and operationalization.

Core Values

  • Global Health Leadership: leverage microbiology resources and a community of experts to improve public health and optimize the quality, data reliability and safety of laboratory services.
  • Service-focused Partnerships: design and deliver sustainable solutions that strengthen leadership roles of partner countries.
  • Equity: engage ASM’s diverse membership for an empowered collaboration that helps shape and advance representation in global public health microbiology.
  • Innovation: ally with collaborators and funding partners to identify and pursue new opportunities to translate microbiology into impact.
  • Integrity: maintain a focus on technical objectivity, cost-effective programming, professionalism and sound fiscal stewardship.

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