Applications and nominations for the 2023 ASM Awards and Prize program are open May 2 to June 20, 2022.

The ASM Awards and Prize program is managed by the American Academy of Microbiology (Academy), the honorific leadership group within ASM. The mission of the Academy is to recognize microbiologists for outstanding contributions to the microbial sciences and to provide expertise in the service of science and the public. Being nominated and receiving an ASM Award is an honor for any microbiologist as the awards help advance the careers of the awardees and their institutions.

There are 16 ASM Awards to recognize outstanding science at every career level and in every sub-discipline of the microbial sciences. Starting in 2021, ASM offers the ASM Microbiome Data Prize to recognize distinguished research achievements that support open data practices, development of standards and processes for data quality and sharing and data workflows and management best practices that have advanced the microbial sciences.

Complete List of ASM Awards and Prize

Nomination and Application Timeline

Awards Nomination Process - Awards and Prize Program Application open May 3, 2021. Application process closes June 25, 2021. Review Process begins July 7, 2021. Awardees are announced Sept. 7, 2021.

ASM Award Nomination Process

To put forward a nominee for an ASM Award, the nominator should take note of the following items to maximize the chance of the nominee being reviewed and selected for the award:  
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted for ASM Awards (in other words, you cannot nominate yourself for an ASM Award).
  • Each nomination requires 1 nominator and 2 supporters.
  • Nominees are highly encouraged to collaborate with the nominator and supporters in preparing the nomination submission. 
  • Only 1 person from among the nominator and 2 supporters can be affiliated with the same employment unit (e.g., institution, company, center, department) as the nominee.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the nominee is required to complete the nomination. After the nomination form is submitted by the nominator, the nominee will be contacted by ASM and asked to enter highlights from his/her CV on a CV template or provide the current CV. Completing the CV template is highly recommended; however, the selection committee will accept either the template or the nominee’s current CV.
  • All nominations must be submitted online. The nomination and CV must be received by the deadline.
  • Nomination form can be saved, completed and submitted in multiple sittings. However, only submitted nomination forms will be reviewed. Saved forms that were not submitted will be discarded after the deadline.

ASM Prize Application Process

To submit an application for the Microbiome Data Prize, the applicant should take note of the following items to maximize the chance of the application being reviewed and selected for the prize:  
  • Review the description of the Prize carefully as it has specific requirements.
  • Each application requires 2 supporters who are non-funded collaborators. Supporters must submit their letters of support by the deadline for the application to be considered.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)—Applicants will be required to enter highlights from their CVs on the prize application form.
  • Applications must be submitted online by the deadline.
  • Application form can be saved, completed and submitted in multiple sittings. However, only submitted application forms will be reviewed. Saved forms that were not submitted will be discarded after the deadline.


For Award Nominators
  • Coordinate the nomination with the nominee and supporters.
  • Inform the nominee that ASM will request a CV after the nomination form is submitted. Nominees should wait for the notification and instructions from ASM before submitting a CV.
  • Complete and submit the online nomination form.
  • Submit the nomination form by June 20, 2022.

For Award Supporters
  • Nominators or nominees will notify supporters when nomination is submitted.
  • Supporters should not submit a letter or any documentation at the time the nomination is submitted. Supporters will be contacted during the selection process only if the selection committee requires additional information about the nominee.
  • If the selection committee requires additional information about the nominee during the review process, a representative of the committee will contact the supporters to request letters of support for the nomination.  
  • Supporters provide the selection committee with letters of support or additional information if requested.

For Award Nominees
  • Complete a CV template (provided by ASM) or submit current CV, when instructed to do so by ASM. ASM will email each nominee to provide submission instructions.
  • Remind the nominator and supporters of the submission deadline (June 20, 2022).


Frequently Asked Questions

For Award Nominators and Supporters

Can I nominate more than one nominee?

Yes, you may nominate as many nominees as you would like. However, we recommend that you nominate or support only one nominee for each award.   

I am listed as a supporter for one nominee for the X Award. Can I nominate another nominee for the X Award?

You cannot nominate more than one nominee per award in a given year. If you have nominated a nominee for X award, we recommend that you do NOT serve as a supporter for any other nominee for that particular award. However, you may serve as a nominator or supporter for nominees for other awards.

I was approached by a colleague who asked me to be their nominator - is this allowed?

Yes. Starting in 2021, individuals are encouraged to reach out to their colleagues to request a nomination. 

A colleague at my department asked me to nominate them; can I be the nominator?

Yes, you can nominate a colleague from the same department. However, in that case, the 2 supporters must be from different departments or institutions. For example, if you and the nominee are from the Department of Biology at XYZ University, neither of the 2 supporters can be from the Department of Biology at XYZ University.

This is my first year submitting a nomination. What do I need to know?

Nominators hold the primary responsibility to coordinate with the nominee and supporters. Use the checklists (above) to help you stay on track and submit your nomination in advance of the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

Can I save my nomination online and return to complete it later?

Yes, you can. 

I have decided I want to withdraw my nomination/support after further consideration. Can I do that?

Yes, withdrawal will be accepted at any time before July 6, 2022. Nominator and/or supporters can withdraw their nomination/support with or without reasons by notifying the Awards Program at The nominee will not be contacted. Because of the impact of the decision on the nominee, we highly encourage careful consideration and discussion among the involved parties before notifying the Awards Program.

Can I update my nomination from last year?

ASM keeps and considers nominations without updating for a period of 3 years, assuming the nominee still meets eligibility criteria. Alternatively, if you would like to update any part of a previously-submitted nomination form and/or CV, please contact for instructions on how to proceed. 

I have been named as a "supporter" for an Award nomination and/or Prize application. Should I submit a letter of support to ASM?

Supporters for ASM Awards: Supporters for ASM Award nominations should NOT submit a letter or any documentation at the time the nomination is submitted. If the selection committee requires additional information about the nominee during the review process, a committee representative will contact the supporters to request letters of support for the nomination.  

Supporters for ASM Microbiome Data Prize: Supporters for ASM Microbiome Prize applications will submit letters of support during the application process. Once the online application form is submitted, an automated message will be sent to supporters with instructions on how to submit their letters of support. Letters of support for the Microbiome Data Prize must be submitted by the application deadline date. 

For Award Nominees

Can I nominate myself for an ASM Award?

Self-nomination is not allowed for ASM Awards, so you may NOT nominate yourself for an ASM Award. However, potential Award nominees are encouraged to reach out and collaborate with a colleague to ask for their nomination and support.

Can I nominate myself for the Microbiome Data Prize?

The Microbiome Data Prize is by application and does not require a nominator. Individuals interested in receiving the award must apply for the award themselves by completing and submitting an application form online.

Two of my colleagues want to nominate me for the X Award. They plan to submit two separate nominations for that award.  Will that increase my chances of receiving the award?

No, if a nominee is nominated more than once for the same award, the nominee will be informed and asked to select which nomination s/he would like the selection committee to review. We suggest that nominees coordinate with nominator(s) to avoid duplicate nominations 

Do I need to be an ASM member to be eligible for an ASM Award?

Not all of the ASM Awards require ASM membership. A careful review of the award description is critical.

I identify as a woman.  Do I have a lower chance of being selected for an ASM Award?

ASM embraces the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion. We maintain that all nominees are fairly reviewed and evaluated based on the merits of their work, not their gender, race, etc.

I am an ethnic minority nominee. I am reluctant to reveal my demographic information. Why does ASM ask for the demographic information? How do I ensure my data is safe and does not work against me?

The field of microbiology has changed significantly in the last decades. ASM embraces the concept of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Thus, we want to know how we are making progress in ensuring that historically underrepresented groups have access and get nominated for the awards. An organization-wide policy and new practices were put in place to support DEI efforts. Your data will not be shared with any third party and will not be used in any part of the award decision-making process. 

I was nominated for an ASM award a few years ago but did not get selected. Should I try again?

Absolutely. We encourage nominees who did not receive an award in the past to try again. Due to a variety of factors, a strong nominee might not be selected in any given year. Nominees will be evaluated using the same standards applied for that year for all nominees.

I work in industry. Am I eligible for an ASM Award?

Microbiologists in all sectors should be nominated and will be considered for the ASM Awards. Diversity in expertise and background is essential. Regardless of the sector in which one is working, contribution to the field of microbial sciences is the key to distinguish the nominees.

What should I do to make my nomination stand out?

  • Spend time preparing your CV by following the format and guidelines. Make sure the information is clear to facilitate the review process.
  • Communicate with your nominator and supporters to ensure they have the information that they need.
  • Remind the nominator to submit the materials before the deadline.

Past Laureates

2022 Award Laureates
Past ASM Award Laureates 

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