About the Award

The ASM Carski Award for Undergraduate Education recognizes an educator for outstanding teaching of microbiology to undergraduate students and for encouraging them to subsequent achievement. The award is given in memory of Theodore Carski (1903-2003), who founded the Baltimore Biological Laboratory, Inc. in the 1930s. The lab was later acquired by the engineering firm of Becton Dickinson. Carski served as ASM Treasurer from 1970-1975. Carski and his wife established a foundation in 1964 and an endowment to support this ASM Award. The first award was made in 1968.

Amy Siegesmund, Ph.D.

Amy Siegesmund, Ph.D.

Pacific Lutheran University Department of Biology

2023 ASM Carski Awardee

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Nominees must currently be teaching microbiology at a recognized college or university, with a substantial portion of their time during the past 5 years devoted to teaching undergraduate students in microbiology. Nominees must have a minimum of 10 years total teaching experience as primary course instructors at a college or university. Experience as a Teaching Assistant (TA) does not count towards the required 10 years of experience. Nominees may have engaged in research or other concerns, provided that teaching undergraduates remained a substantial activity.  
Nominators must address how the nominees meet the criteria and how they have gone “above and beyond” to advance microbiology education at the undergraduate level.


‚ÄčNominations must include:
  1. Nomination Form. Nominator will need to create a free ASM account, or log in to their current ASM account, to complete the nomination. Self-nominations will not be accepted (in other words, you cannot nominate yourself for the award).
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the nominee is required to complete the nomination. After the nomination form is submitted by the nominator, the nominee will be contacted by ASM and asked to enter highlights from their CVs on a CV template or provide their current CV. Completing the CV template is highly recommended; however, the selection committee will accept either the template or the nominee’s current CV.
  3. List of undergraduate students mentored by nominee. This list may be part of the CV or entered on the nomination form.
Please note the following:
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Nominations will be considered without updating for 3 years.
  • More than 1 nomination per nominee will not be accepted.
  • Only 1 nominator and 2 supporters are accepted per nomination.
  • Of the 3 participants in a nomination (nominator and 2 supporters), only 1 can be from the same employment unit (e.g., department, institute, center, company) as the nominee.
  • Supporters should not submit a letter of support at the time the nomination is made. They will be contacted during the selection process only if the selection committee requires additional information about the nominee.‚Äč
ASM awards are granted at the discretion of award selection committees and may not be awarded every year.

Questions? Contact awards@asmusa.org.