Academy Dues Structure Frequently Asked Questions

Nov. 8, 2019

1. Do I have to pay dues to remain an Academy Fellow? 
No, you can choose to be an ‘Honorific Fellow’ without paying dues. However, Honorific Fellows do not have the additional privileges that Fellows in good standing enjoy, such as voting in Academy elections, nominating candidates for Academy fellowship and submitting manuscripts to mBio via a fast-track pathway.  

2. What benefits do I receive as an Honorific Fellow? 
Honorific Fellows are recognized as members of the Academy without having to pay ASM and Academy dues. Any Fellow of the Academy can opt for Honorific status regardless of their ASM membership status.

3. What benefits do I receive if I become an Academy Fellow in good-standing?  
Fellows in good-standing enjoy four key benefits from the Academy:
  • Nominating candidates for Academy fellowship.
  • Voting in Academy elections.
  • Running for Academy leadership positions.
  • Submitting manuscripts to mBio via a special and accelerated submission path.
Besides these, good-standing Fellows enjoy ASM membership benefits depending on the membership type (Premium/Contributing) that they select.

4. What are the differences between Academy+ASM Contributing Membership and Academy+ASM Premium Membership?  
Along with the four key Academy benefits, Academy+ASM Contributing Membership provides Fellows with all ASM Contributing membership benefits, including member-only pricing on ASM events, ASM Journal subscriptions, and ASM Press titles, access to member-only content on and voting in ASM elections.
Academy+ASM Premium Membership includes all the benefits of Academy+Contributing Membership along with Premium Membership benefits, such as a free subscription to one of two ASM review journals, Weekly News Digest curated for your scientific interests and highest level discounts to ASM meetings.

5. Can I pay for Academy membership only without also purchasing ASM membership?  
No, we will no longer offer dues-paying Academy membership alone. Current Fellows can choose to have Honorific status or to get Academy+ASM membership.

6. Do you offer a lifetime Academy membership?  
No, we will no longer offer this type of membership.

7. I am already a lifetime member of the Academy. How will this change affect me?  
ASM and the Academy will honor your lifetime Academy membership. Your Academy membership remains unchanged, and you will receive all Academy benefits listed above. You are not required to obtain ASM membership; however, you must abide by ASM’s Code of Ethics (which can be found in ASM's Policies and Procedures Manual).  If you would like to receive ASM membership benefits, you must purchase yearly ASM membership separately.

8. I am an ASM Emeritus member and a current Academy Fellow.  How does this new due structure affect me?  
Fellows who hold ASM Emeritus membership status will continue to enjoy Emeritus benefits. On retirement from remunerative professional employment, a Fellow in good standing may be granted Emeritus Fellow status. Such Fellows are exempt from the payment of annual dues, special fees and assessments; however they must continue to abide by ASM’s Code of Ethics (which can be found in ASM's Policies and Procedures Manual). All Academy benefits are retained. If you would like to request Emeritus status in the Academy, please contact us at