An image with the names of the 2024 ASM Awards & Prize Recipients.
For almost 40 years, ASM has offered a wide range of awards via the ASM Awards program to recognize  microbiologists for outstanding contributions to the microbial sciences. In 2021, ASM expanded the program and added the ASM Microbiome Data Prize 

Every year, after a stringent review process, the awards and 1 prize are given to exceptional individuals who come from all sub-disciplines and career stages of microbiology. ASM Awards highlight individuals who have made significant contributions to advance the field and their institutions. Recipients are awarded an honorarium and are invited to present and be recognized at the ASM Microbe meeting.    

Being nominated for an ASM Award or Prize is an honor for any scientist. It reflects the trust and respect of their colleagues. Therefore, there is no better way to show gratitude to a mentor, respect to a colleague or support for an early career scientist than by nominating them and sharing their good work.

The ASM Awards and Prize program is managed by the  American Academy of Microbiology  (Academy), the honorific leadership group and think tank within ASM. The Academy is aware that there are excellent microbiologists from underrepresented groups who deserve this honor, but are less often nominated. Nomination of microbiologists from diverse backgrounds, geographic locations and sectors are greatly welcomed.

Nominations for the Awards and Prize program are currently closed. Nominations will open in May 2024.

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Meet the Microbiologist: Vibrio Cholerae with Rita Colwell

Dr. Rita Colwell describes several lines of evidence for the environmental niche of Vibrio cholerae as well as her work to predict and prepare for cholera outbreaks.
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ASM’s Inclusive Leadership Program, MicroBio-LEAP, Welcomes New Task Force

Dr. Lee Hughes joins the MicroBio-LEAP Task Force to develop a curriculum to promote inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA) within the microbial sciences. 
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What Microbes Can Teach Us About Adapting to Climate Change

Dr. Gemma Reguera shares how lessons learned from both beneficial and harmful microbes may inspire ways to harness those activities to address climate change.
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