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On Monday, Jan. 16, 2023, the Academy Fellows in good standing will receive a message from the American Academy of Microbiology with the link to the voting site. If you do not receive this email with your link, check your spam filter. You should ensure your ASM and Academy membership dues are current. Only Fellows in good standing are eligible to vote. If you renew your 2023 membership after Jan. 16, 2023, and would like to submit your vote, please contact ASM Customer Service at service@asmusa.org for assistance.

As a Fellow of the Academy, this is your opportunity to choose the next leadership positions for the Academy. We count on your vote to determine who will represent your interests as a Fellow and lead the Academy in an exciting direction to help advance the microbial sciences at ASM and benefit the Society.

Why should I vote?

  • I want my profession to witness a positive impact.
  • My science and my area of practice need to be represented in the Academy.
  • My leaders need to respond actively and quickly.
  • It is my right to choose the next Academy Governors and members of the Subcommittee on Elections.
  • My voice should be heard and represented.

Which positions are up for election?

Academy Governors

What are the main responsibilities of the elected positions?

The primary responsibilities of the Governors
  • Set strategic direction for the Academy programs.
  • Establish new programs consistent with the ASM and the Academy’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Develop and approve scientific activities and colloquia topics.
  • Oversee the fellowship nomination and election process.
  • Review and ratify fellow election recommendations of the Subcommittee on Elections.
  • Oversee the Subcommittee on Awards and the ASM Awards Program.

This is your decision and we ask that you choose the candidates that you think will strongly support ASM and the Academy, help us recognize excellence and advance in the microbial sciences. The deadline to vote is March 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Please send questions and concerns regarding the Academy election to Nguyen Nguyen, Ph.D., Director, American Academy of Microbiology.


Candidates for Academy Governors representing Division Group 2
Suzanne Fleiszig

Suzanne Fleiszig

Professor, University of California

Candidate Statement

My interest in contributing beyond my own research program evolved slowly over decades
serving in leadership roles for ASM, other societies, the NIH and UC Berkeley. This crystalized
into a passion while serving as ASM COMS Chair during the COVID-19 pandemic, working
closely with COMS colleagues, ASM staff, and Academy leadership, as I became more informed
about challenges and opportunities confronting our field. I believe the most urgent to address is
the public’s perception of science and its potential to serve society, foundational to addressing
the other issues. There will not be a quick fix. We will need to rethink how we go about science,
not just how we communicate it, considering if our short-term goals align with the bigger
picture, and if are we truly reaching out to all voices – including those who have taken a less
traditional path. Continued efforts to reduce incentives for competition and foster selfless
generosity beyond collaboration will be required, and we will need to move forward with
modifying reward systems to encourage desired outcomes, rethinking how we mentor the next
generation of scientists additionally addressing the rapidly accelerating mentor/mentoree
relationship crisis unfolding on university campuses. This year, I requested to serve UC
Berkeley’s Science at Cal Advisory Council whilst applying for this AAM leadership role. I am
energized by this opportunity to continue to be involved in important conversations with
Academy/ASM colleagues and to help implement collective ideas. With the world in flux and
many current societal issues relating to our field, the timing offers unique opportunities to
institute change and solve real world problems. I hope this conveys how excited I am about this
opportunity to serve as an Academy Governor.

Nisha Garg, Ph.D.

Nisha Garg, Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology , University of Texas Medical Branch

Candidate Statement

I have experience and interest in policies that impact global health. Being at an academic institution, I am actively involved in the development of trainees and early-stage faculty investigators and implementation of programs to increase the visibility and recognition of our faculty. Using my experience, I would like to be involved in advancing the partnership among the academic, private and government sectors to advance the access to STEM at early stages of education and to all segments of the community. As a research integrity officer for several years, I gained first-hand experience in seeing how the careers and trust are destroyed by a lack of scientific integrity in our community. I would like to be involved in promoting the interactions between community, researchers and policy makers. Increased communication will allow a) the scientists to understand the needs in the healthcare system; b) build trust among the involved entities; and c) drive the best use of tax dollars for addressing the questions of utmost importance, be it infectious or non-infectious diseases affecting the human health.   

Alfredo Torres, Ph.D.

Alfredo Torres, Ph.D.

Herman Barnett Distinguished Professor, University of Texas Medical Branch

Candidate Statement

Two main areas will be the focused of my contributions to ASM and the Academy: The first one has to do with the implementation of the ASM inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA) strategic plan, helping developing clear actions and activities that can empower microbiologists to advance their careers while they serve ASM and the Academy. It is no longer a surprise that Diverse Organizations are more successful while they create a culture of support. Second, my extensive experience in serving ASM at the educational board will let me recommend and develop diverse colloquia topics as well as establish new programs-based on the Academy’s mission and strategic plan.


Download full biosketches for Governor Division Group 2 candidates.

Candidates for Academy Governors for Second Term
Jay T. Lennon, Ph.D.

Jay T. Lennon, Ph.D.

, Indiana University

Candidate Statement

If reelected as a Governor, I would be honored to serve and promote the activities and mission of the Academy. I am particularly eager to continue in my role as Chair of the Climate Change Task Force. In collaboration with AAM staff and fellows, we are pursuing important and ambitious goals of integrating microbiology and climate change science through the development of colloquia and symposia, while establishing partnerships with other stakeholders to promote education and advocacy. 

Henry Neal Williams, Ph.D.

Henry Neal Williams, Ph.D.

Professor, Florida A&M University

Candidate Statement

If elected, I will bring a diverse set of previous leadership and organizational experiences to the Governors of the Academy. Through my 50 years of service and leadership on ASM and AAM committees, meetings, colloquium panel, Focus Groups, and other activities, I have been involved in many of the activities in the ASM and AAM’s Strategic Plans. A more complete listing of the   positions in which I have served is listed below under ASM / Academy Activities. If elected, my plans are to work with the other members of the Board to advance the missions of both ASM/AAM and also to take on the challenges which either may have.  Following the COVID pandemic and the re-opening of face-to-face Microbe and other Society and Academy meetings, there is a need to work to ensure that the meetings run efficiently for the attendees. Continuing to increase membership is always a challenge for many organizations. These are critical organizational issues that are vital for the continued viability of the AAM. These are the types of issues that I was previously involved with as President and Board member of a 30,000 member organization in Maryland. I will continue to work with the other Academy Governors and staff to promote the climate change initiative which the BOG approved and was unveiled with sessions at the 2022 Microbe meeting. I will continue to promote greater diversity within the ASM/AAM hierarchy. This is an exciting and challenging time for the Academy. I believe the diversity of my experiences in ASM and other organizations will contribute to the path forward. Further, we should always seek new approaches to promoting the science of microbiology and the great contributions microbiologists make to society.

I have been a Governor of the Academy for the last three years, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to AAM and ASM. I will continue to work on the review of candidate fellows for the academy, using my broad knowledge of virology. I will continue to contribute to other activities such as symposia, webinars or policy statements utilizing my long experience and expertise in coronaviruses for pandemic related activities, for understanding the effects of climate change on zoonotic virus spillover and for other virology related activities. In addition, I will contribute my extensive experience in mentoring graduate students, postdocs and junior faculty as needed to ASM programs and events.   

Download full biosketches for Governor candidates.