Timeline of fellowship nomination process.

Nomination Process

To put forward a candidate for fellowship in the Academy, the primary nominator and 2 supporting nominators must be Academy Fellows in good standing. To be considered in good standing, a fellow must be a dues-paying Academy Fellow and a dues-paying ASM member in 2020, a lifetime fellow or an emeritus fellow. Fellows may serve as a primary nominator for a maximum of 2 fellowship nominations per cycle and as a supporting nominator for a maximum of 2 fellowship nominations per cycle.

Only 1 person from among the primary nominator and 2 supporting nominators can be affiliated with the same institution as the nominee. All nominations must be submitted online. Check out the criteria for election for more detail. All of the following materials must be received by the deadline:
  1. Nomination form from 1 primary nominator describing the nominee's work and why they should be elected to the Academy.
  2. Bibliography of the nominee's 10 most significant publications, including complete citations and brief annotations for each publication. Indicate the significance of the publication and the unique contribution made by the nominee. *This list can be provided by the nominee but must be submitted by the nominator.  
  3. Supporting forms from 2 supporting nominators. The supporting form is different from the nomination form. After the nominator invites the supporters through the nomination system, the supporters will receive the form electronically.
  4. Curriculum Vitae of no more than 5 pages following the provided template. *The CV can be filled out by the nominee, but must be submitted by the nominator.

Nominators can save their nomination form in progress and complete it later.  However, only submitted nomination forms will be reviewed. Saved forms that were not submitted will be discarded after the deadline.

Nominees are highly encouraged to reach out and collaborate with their nominator and supporters (who must be current Academy Fellows) in preparing the nomination submission. However, self-nominations will not be accepted.


For Nominators
  • Coordinate the nomination with the supporters and/or nominee.
  • ​Request bibliography and CV from the nominee.

  • Complete the nomination form.

  • Submit the nomination form, bibliography and CV by Oct. 1, 2020.

  • Remind supporters to submit their forms.

​For Supporters
  • Complete and submit the supporting form by Oct. 1, 2020.
  • Notify nominator and nominee (if applicable) after submission.

For Nominees
  • Reach out to current Academy Fellows to request nomination (if applicable).
  • Provide nominator with a completed bibliography and CV.

  • Remind nominator & supporters of the Oct. 1, 2020 submission deadline. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

For Nominators and Supporters

What does it mean to be a fellow in good standing?

You are a fellow in good standing if you have previously been elected into the Academy and have paid your Academy and ASM dues for the current year. Emeritus and Lifetime Academy members are considered to be in good standing. Finally, to maintain the good standing status, fellows must further abide by the ASM’s code of ethics.

I am an honorific fellow; can I submit a nomination?

No, you cannot. Only fellows in good standing are eligible to nominate. If you are not sure about your Academy membership status, contact service@asmusa.org.

Can I nominate more than one nominee?

Yes, as a fellow in good standing, you may nominate up to 2 nominees and support 2 other nominees in each fellowship cycle.

I was approached by a colleague who asked me to be their nominator—is this allowed?

Yes. Starting in 2020, individuals are encouraged to reach out to current Academy Fellows to request nomination.

Can I submit a nomination if I am an ASM member but not an Academy Fellow?

No, Academy Fellowship in good standing is required to nominate.

A colleague at my institution asked me to nominate them; can I be the nominator?

Yes, you can nominate a colleague from the same institution. However, the 2 supportering nominators must be from different institutions. For example, if you and the nominee are from Institution A, the 2 supportering nominators cannot be from Institution A.

This is my first year submitting a nomination. What do I need to know?

Nominators hold primary responsibility to coordinate with the nominee and supporting nominators. Use the checklist to help you stay on track and submit your nomination in advance of the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Can I save my nomination online and return to complete it later?

Yes, you can.

After further consideration, I have decided I want to withdraw my nomination/support. Can I do that?

Yes, withdrawal will be accepted at any time before Dec. 31, 2020. Nominator and/or supporters can withdraw their nomination/support with or without reason by notifying the Academy at academy@asmusa.org. The nominee will be disqualified for fellowship for that cycle. Because of the impact of the decision on the nominee, we highly encourage careful consideration and discussion among the involved parties before notifying the Academy.

Can I nominate the same nominee from last year?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of times a nominee can be nominated.  Re-nomination is welcome.

For Nominees

Can I nominate myself to Academy Fellowship?

No, self-nomination is not allowed.  However, potential nominees are encouraged to reach out and collaborate with current fellows in good standing to ask for their nomination and support.

I don’t know any fellows. Where should I start?

Check out our fellows directory.  (ASM log-in is required.  Create a free ASM account for access.) Identify fellows from your institution and reach out to them first. You will have a higher chance of getting their support.

I am an ASM member. Can I just pay Academy dues to become a fellow?

No. Although the Academy is an honorific arm of ASM, membership in the Academy follows a strict nomination and review process by the current fellows to ensure those who carry the of fellow title meet the rigorous criteria required by the Academy.

I have run my lab for 10 years. Am I ready for Academy Fellowship?

  • Review the evaluation criteria and do a self-evaluation of your record.

  • ​Schedule conversations with current fellows. If you need assistance, contact academy@asmusa.org for additional support.

I identify as female. Do I have a lower chance of being elected to Academy Fellowship?

Our data show that in recent years, female nominees have a higher acceptance rate to the Academy than male nominees. The Academy continues to focus on increasing gender diversity in its membership by encouraging more female microbiologists to be nominated to fellowship.

I am an African-American associate professor in my early 40s. I am concerned about the diversity in the Academy. Do I have a chance to be accepted?

The field of microbiology has changed significantly in the last decades. Many early career microbiologists have reached a high level of accomplishment due to hard work and creativity. We encourage you to reach out to our current fellows to start a conversation. ASM and the Academy commit to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). An organization-wide policy and new practices were put in place to support DEI.

I was nominated for fellowship a few years ago but did not get accepted. Should I try again?

Absolutely. We encourage nominees who did not get accepted into the Academy to try again. Due to a variety of factors, a nominee might not be accepted into the Academy in any given year. Nominees will be reviewed and evaluated using the same standards applied for that year for all nominees.

I heard it has become harder to be elected to fellowship in recent years. Is that true?

In a sense. We want to ensure that election to Academy Fellowship represents a high honor to the newly elected. Thus, the Academy Governors decided to limit the number of fellows elected each year. Not only must a nominee be qualified, but he/she must also be among the top of the nomination pool that year.

I work in industry. Can I be considered for Academy Fellowship?

Microbiologists in all sectors can be considered for Academy Fellowship. Diversity in expertise and background is essential for the Academy. Regardless of the sector one is working in, excellence is required for fellowship. The nomination materials need to strongly reflect contribution of the nominee to the field of microbial sciences.

What should I do to make my nomination stand out?

  • Spend time preparing your CV and bibliography by following the format and guidelines. Make sure the information is clear to facilitate the review process.

  • Communicate with your nominator and supporters to ensure they have the information that they need.

  • Remind them to submit the materials before the deadline.