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Building upon the Microbiologists’ Warning movement to raise awareness of the role that microbes play in a changing climate, we aim to promote microbial research connected to environmental change. We bring together the global scientific community to advance these efforts and ensure that microbes become increasingly infused into frameworks for addressing climate change. 

Microbes as Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change is amongst the most pressing threats facing all life on Earth, including microorganisms. Mitigating its effects requires in-depth understanding of the factors contributing to climate variability and those that can remediate it.

As such, microorganisms, the most abundant organisms on Earth, must be acknowledged as critical to achieving an environmentally sustainable future, and ignoring them risks the fate of humanity.

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Raising Awareness: Microbiologists' Warning to Humanity

In 2019, a group of scientists built upon the Scientist's Warning Movement and founded the Microbiologists' Warning to Humanity website to raise awareness of these messages. Founders of the site invited the global scientific community to endorse the Consensus Statement “Scientists’ warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change," which calls for microbiologists to become engaged with climate action and for microbial research to become increasingly infused into the frameworks for addressing climate change.

Over 1000 scientists and more than 70 societies and academies signed their name in support of the Consensus Statement, including ASM.

226 signatories in North America, 74 in South America, 16 in Africa, 16 in Middle East and North Africa, 536 in Europe, 16 in South Asia, 150 in East Asia and the Pacific

Breaking Down Silos and Connecting the Climate Change Community

In 2023, the Microbiologists’ Warning on Climate Change initiative became a part of ASM. We are committed to building upon efforts to raise awareness about the integral function of microbes to all ecosystems and environmental changes, and we aim to continue to bring this message to the larger community. 

ASM’s Climate Change and Microbes Scientific Portfolio aims to raise awareness of the role that microbes play in a changing global climate, promote microbial research and funding connected to environmental change and, ultimately, ensure that microbiology becomes an inherent part of the solutions and strategies developed to combat climate change. Keep up with these efforts. Join a robust communicty of climate change scientists and continue to receive resources and updates about climate change and microbes by signing up for our email mailing list.

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