Our Work

We advocate for public policies rooted in evidence-based science. We believe that science must serve the public interest, and we recognize the essential role of the microbial sciences in helping to address humanity’s most daunting—and evolving—challenges.   

Advocating for Policies Rooted in Science

ASM advocates rely on rigorous research and data to support or defend evidence-based policies, analyze current practices and make recommendations for the future. ASM works with members of Congress and their staff, government agencies and our membership to advance key public policy priorities. 

ASM Responds to FDA LDTs Rule

The FDA released its final rule on regulating laboratory-developed tests, but questions remain regarding the impact on infectious disease testing.

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Policy Recommendations on AMR

ASM recommends steps for policymakers that prioritize science and the roles of microbiologists in addressing antimicrobial resistance.

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Federal Science & Public Health Funding

Explore how federal funding impacts the microbial sciences.

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Our Strategy

Our effective and time-tested advocacy strategy is based on a multi-pronged approach that recognizes and capitalizes on the interdependent nature of policy development, policymaker outreach and grassroots initiatives.

Policy Development

Our policy development efforts serve as the foundation for the Society’s efforts in public policies that advance the microbial sciences. Drawing from 6 policy principles, we work with our members to advance key policy priorities, advocate for evidence-based policy and weigh in on public policies, often in response to specific requests from Congress or regulatory agencies.

Policymaker Outreach

Our policymaker outreach efforts serve as a voice for the microbiology community in the sphere of public policy. We seek to identify and influence policies that have effects across the breadth of the microbial sciences by educating members of Congress and their staff about ASM, our members and the importance of investing in the microbial sciences.

Member Advocacy Engagement

Our member advocacy program engages ASM members in the public policy discourse, leveraging their unique perspectives and expertise in the microbial sciences to advance policy priorities.

Policy Framework

ASM leads, collaborates and galvanizes scientists, stakeholders and the public to advance the field through evidence-based public policies rooted in science.

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Issues We Follow

As part of our core mission, we lead, collaborate and galvanize scientists, stakeholders and the public to advance the field through evidence-based public policy across multiple sectors and at multiple levels.

We have set forth a broad-based framework based on 6 key policy principles that span the areas in which microbiology intersects with public policy:

ASM Action Center

We make it easy and providing opportunities for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy. Get involved!

Demystifying Advocacy

Federal and local guidelines aim to ensure that programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion. Learn how to advocate within U.S. Federal and local guidelines.

Traits of Effective Science Advocates

Interactions with policymakers rely on shared interest in science policy and clear messaging.

How to Get Involved

We provide opportunities for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy. ASM members can participate by speaking directly with Congressional staffers (Hill Day), signing on to petitions or contacting their legislators through action alerts.

The ASM Advocacy Team has created several resources and trainings to help scientists communicate with Congress, and we make it easy for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy and learn about important policy issues affecting the microbial sciences.

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