This Mother’s Day, Give the Gift of Science

May 8, 2017

Here in the U.S. (and many other countries), it’s almost Mother’s Day.  In celebration, we’re offering up ideas to help you share your love of science with your mom (or other family and friends).

Build a Microscope

Building a simple microscope is a great activity for a variety of ages. Although making the lens is a bit tricky, you could use pre-made lenses (here’s an example) to make it easier.

Model the Digestive Microbiome

Some non-scientists think all “germs” are bad. Also suitable for a wide range of ages, this activity uses common materials to model the gut microbiome, providing a way to talk about the ways in which our digestive system microbes help us stay healthy.

Brew Beer

This is a fun activity for adults - beer wouldn’t exist without microbes! Intended for the upper division undergraduate microbiology lab, this inquiry-based activity could be completed at home too.

Make Kimchi

If beer isn’t your thing, try making the traditional Korean fermented cabbage dish Kimchi. This activity comes from another undergraduate microbiology lab exercise.

Author: Bethany Adamec

Bethany Adamec
Bethany Adamec is a Science Education Specialist at ASM, where she communicates about ASM’s work in student and faculty professional development, supports the ASM Education Board, and works with colleagues to promote evidence-based education reform.