Microbial Minutes: Foodborne Illness Outbreaks, Viral Defense against CRISPR, and Ebola Updates

Aug. 7, 2018

What's hot in the microbial sciences? ASM summarizes microbiology news and reports in Microbial Minutes, a biweekly news roundup. Watch the YouTube session for summaries and major findings, and read the reports and news coverage for yourself below. What should we highlight next time? Leave a suggestion in our comments section!

Drug-Resistant Infections from Leeches Highlight Importance of ‘One Health’ Concept

Beka L et al. Low-Level Antimicrobials in the Medicinal Leech Select for Resistant Pathogens that Spread to Patients. mBio 9(4). July 24 2018. 

Alcohol Disinfectant Tolerance found in Bacterium Enterococcus faecalis

Pidot SJ et al. Increasing tolerance of hospital Enterococcus faeciumto handwash alcohols. Science Translational Medicine 10(452). Aug 1 2018.

Retrospective Study Uncovers Foodborne Disease Sources

Dewey-Mattia D et al. Surveillance for Foodborne Disease Outbreaks – United States, 2009-2015. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 67(10). July 27 2018. 

Ebola: New Virus Species; Second DRC Outbreak Continues; Persistent Transmission 1 yr after Recovery

Dokubo EK and Wendland A et al. Persistence of Ebola Virus after the End of Widespread Transmission in Liberia: an Outbreak Report. Lancet Inf Dis. July 23 2018.

Bacteriophage Defend against CRISPR Together

Borges AL et al. Bacteriophage Cooperation Suppresses CRISPR-Cas3 and Cas9 Immunity. Cell 174. July 19 2018. 

Landsberger M et al.Anti-CRISPR Phages Cooperate to Overcome CRISPR-Cas Immunity. Cell 174. July 19 2018. 

Author: Julie Wolf

Julie Wolf
Dr. Julie Wolf is in science communications at Indie Bio, and was a former ASM employee. Follow Julie on Twitter for more ASM and microbiology highlights at @JulieMarieWolf.