Automatic for the People: Automation in Clinical Microbiology

July 30, 2018

What kinds of clinical microbiology tests can be automatically performed? What tests can be automatically read? These are the types of questions answered over a five-part webinar series on lab automation.

What: Total Laboratory Automation in Clinical Microbiology seminar series

When: Every other Wednesday at 2:00 pm EST starting 8/1/2018

Cost: $35 for ASM members/$47 for non-members (not a member? Join today!)

Automation in clinical microbiology has been increasingly discussed at conferences and in the literature. Many labs increasingly rely on machines to perform specific tests; five article titles feature “automated” or “automation” in the most recent Journal of Clinical Microbiology issue alone. From barcoding samples for systematic processing to automated scoring of differential media, computers have become an integral part of the clinical microbiology work flow. How will your lab change by adapting these new technologies? Learn two major lab automation systems and the effects of these on work flow in the webinar series made possible through an unrestricted education grant from Becton Dickinson.

Alphabet soup 1Editorial comic strip about lab automation. Source.

As a primer to the workshop, catch up on some of the recent summaries and opinions on clinical microbiology automation:


How does your lab use automation when running clinical tests? Leave a comment below if you'd like to see lab automation addressed in future Bugs & Drugs posts.

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