Microbial Minutes: Ancient Viruses, Addiction, And Underground Cyanobacteria

Oct. 17, 2018

What's hot in the microbial sciences? ASM summarizes microbiology news and reports in Microbial Minutes, a biweekly news roundup. Watch the YouTube session for summaries and major findings, and read the reports and news coverage for yourself below. What should we highlight next time? Leave a suggestion in our comments section!​

Retrovirus Found Within Gene May Influence Addiction

Karamitro T et al. Human Endogenous Retrovirus-K HML-2 Integration within RASGRF2is Associated with Intravenous Drug Abuse and Modulates Transcription in a Cell-Line Model. PNAS. September 24, 2018

Oldest Known Plant Virus Found In Ancient Maize Cobs

Puente-Sánchez F et al. Viable Cyanobacteria in the Deep Continental Subsurface. PNAS. Oct 1 2018.

Glyphosate Alters Honey Bee Microbiome + Increases Susceptibility To Infection

Raymann K et al. Pathogenicity of Serratia marcesens Strains in Honey Bees. mBio. October 9 2018

Motta EVS et al. Glyphosate Perturbs the Gut Microbiota of Honey Bees. PNAS. September 24 2018

HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Affect Teen Sexual Behavior

Ogilvie GS et al. Population-level sexual behavior in adolescent girls before and after introduction of the human papillomavirus vaccine (2003-2013). CMAJ. October 15 2018.

Author: Julie Wolf

Julie Wolf
Dr. Julie Wolf is in science communications at Indie Bio, and was a former ASM employee. Follow Julie on Twitter for more ASM and microbiology highlights at @JulieMarieWolf.