ASM Clinical Microbiology Rap Battle: Week 3

May 28, 2019

ASM's Clinical Microbiology Rap Battle continues into Week 3!

This is the final battle that will determine the Winner!
Catch up on the previous entries from Week 1 and Week 2.

Congrats to Week 2 winners Erin Choi, Vince Jimenez, Manija Rahimi, Irie Babasa, and Christie Vermeiren. Their video again moves onto this week to compete against a new challenger. Their entry is "Wash Your Hand (Don't Touch Your Face)"

The challenger is Brian McCullough with his entry, "The Bacterial Name Game"

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Author: Julie Wolf, Ph.D.

Julie Wolf, Ph.D.
Dr. Julie Wolf is in science communications at Indie Bio, and is a former ASM employee.