Ways To Make Your CV Stand Out

Sept. 4, 2019

CVs are the bread and butter of research positions for academia, government, and some industry companies. While it may be pretty straightforward on what to include in a CV, some sections need a little more work to stand out in the eyes of a recruiter. 

Include Your Mentors’ Names

Usually in your education section, you include the universities’ names, the years of attendance, and degrees. But make sure you include your mentors’ names and the titles of your research/dissertation projects. Connections go a long way, and if the selection committee knows your mentor, that can lead to an automatic interview. Likewise, including your research/dissertation title orients the reader to your research interests and skills. It’s a quick glimpse of who you are. 

Teaching Experience Needs to be Highlighted

If you are applying to any academic positions, teaching experience of any magnitude is a must. You will be required to teach but the teaching loads and who you will be teaching varies based on the university. Include the position title, university’s name, the course title, years, and responsibilities. It’s important to include who the target group was for the experience. Was it undergrads, 4th grade students, or adults?  

Include Any Grants Applied to and Received

Acquiring grants is very important to move your research projects forward. Therefore, include any grants that you’ve applied to and make sure to note the ones you’ve received. It’s a great way to show that you have the skills to acquire grants.   

Publications Need to be Numbered and Your Name Bolded

With so many applications to review, search committees need to scan for important information. So why not make it easier for them? The worst thing you can do is put everything onto your CV in an unorganized way that is hard to scan. Publications are not any different. Use a numbered list for your publications and bold your name in each publication listed. It makes it easier for the search committee to see how many publications you have and which you are first-authored on.

With these tips, we hope that your CV writing goes very smooth. 

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Author: Shilpa Gadwal

Shilpa Gadwal
Shilpa Gadwal is the Career Resources Specialist at ASM.