Young Ambassadors in Action Around the Globe

Aug. 30, 2023

It's been a busy, productive year for ASM's Young Ambassadors, the early-career leaders who represent ASM in their communities. Young Ambassadors—who are committed to encouraging professional development, strengthening science and facilitating networking—have been carrying out their mission in a variety of ways all over the world. Check out some of their recent activities below.


When the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala celebrated "Biological Chemists' Day" in May 2023, Young Ambassador Bárbara Alvarez was there to promote a greater understanding of science, and to heighten awareness of ASM and its mission to advance the microbial sciences. In line with the exposition's focus on the human microbiome, Alvarez hosted interactive microscope displays that gave visitors a fascinating look into the world of microorganisms. Visitors were given fun, science-themed stickers as souvenirs of the day and were able to take a selfie with a special Biological Chemists' Day frame.

Young Ambassador Bárbara Alvarez and friends take a selfie.
Young Ambassador Bárbara Alvarez (center) of the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala enjoys a selfie moment with friends during "Biological Chemists' Day."
Source: Bárbara Alvarez


At the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, Young Ambassador Iyiola Oladunjoye delivered a public lecture on the topic of career advancement in microbiology and related fields; his goal was to inspire students and young microbiology professionals to take proactive steps toward career success. Oladunjoye emphasized key actions necessary to advance in the field, such as attending conferences, pursuing research projects, seeking leadership roles and building a strong digital presence. He also stressed the importance of academic writing training for young microbiology and scientific professionals.

Young Ambassador Iyiola Oladunjoye and a few of his lecture attendees.
Young Ambassador Iyiola Oladunjoye (center) and some of the attendees at his lecture on career advancement.
Source: Iyiola Oladunjoye

The event was a valuable networking opportunity for students and young professionals because it gave them a chance to meet professors and lecturers. A key success: the session led to the establishment of the Nigerian Association of Microbiology Students-University of Ilorin as an ASM Student Chapter (the third ASM Student Chapter in Nigeria).


In collaboration with the Microbiology and Research Departments at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Young Ambassador Daniela Lucía Mendoza Millán moderated a "Tools for Microbiology Scientific Research" workshop for health faculty undergraduates. Ten prominent national researchers gave presentations on research planning, networking, communications and publishing. Additional sessions included hypothetical research planification and networking exercises. The workshop provided valuable hands-on training in the use of microbiology research tools and fostered knowledge-sharing, scientific investigation and networking among 200-plus undergraduate students and research mentors.

A crowded lecture hall at a workshop organized by Young Ambassador Daniela Lucía Mendoza Millán.
More than 200 undergraduates, faculty and research mentors attended a research workshop at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, organized by Young Ambassador Daniela Lucía Mendoza Millán.
Source: Daniela Lucía Mendoza Millán.

The benefits of ASM membership—such as expanding your professional network and collaborating with experts in your field, to name just a few—also were featured.


Young Ambassador Mfonkou Toumansie Jacques Delors, Ph.D. candidate in medical microbiology, held a conference titled "One Health: Advancing Global Health & Sustainability" at his research institution, University of Yaounde 1. The event, which focused on a topic of great importance, was attended by about 100 participants and featured a practical training session on how to use the bibliographic reference software Zotero—a program that helps manage bibliographic data and research materials. According to participants, it was a great help to the M.S. and Ph.D. students who attended.

Cameroon Young Ambassador Mfonkou Toumansie Jacques Delors and attendees of his One Health conference.
Cameroon Young Ambassador Mfonkou Toumansie Jacques Delors (far right) organized a One Health conference attended by 100 Masters and Ph.D. students.
Source: Mfonkou Toumansie Jacques Delors.

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