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An essential part of ASM's mission is to embrace diversity in the STEM community. Being inclusive enhances innovation, broadens the health research agenda and furthers scientific advancement. We are committed to promoting and advancing the microbial sciences through the elevation, embodiment and sustainability of inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA).

Diversity Statements

ASM exemplifies inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA) in the microbial sciences.

In practice, we work to create a diverse community and a culture of inclusion where all staff, volunteers, members and the community are respected, treated fairly and provided opportunities to develop professionally and excel in their chosen careers.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles provide unwavering guidance for equity and inclusion efforts and serve to communicate core values:

  • Diversity Is an Asset—A diverse ASM enhances the microbial sciences, increases innovation, strengthens the community and sustains the profession.
  • Diverse Leadership—ASM empowers individuals with diverse perspectives in decision-making processes.
  • Transparency—ASM ensures equitable access and accountability through transparent procedures and communication.
  • Community Building—ASM attracts, supports and develops the community, ensuring that all are empowered and engaged in the work of the organization.

ASM's IDEAA Strategy Roadmap

The interim IDEAA Committee members identified a list of key priorities that will be used to guide ASM's DEI strategy in 2022 and beyond.



IDEAA Strategy Roadmap

Guiding principles and priorities.

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Anonymous Reporting Tool

Confidentially report an ethics, DEI or compliance concern.

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DEI Taskforce Report

Current status and recommendations to ensure a culture of inclusion to advance the microbial sciences.

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Mentorship and Professional Development

While we look to the future, we will also continue taking actions that reflect and advance our vision of a more diverse scientific association. The initiatives and programs below represent some of our recent activities.


The ASM MOSAIC Program is a 5-year initiative, supported by the NIH, that supports early-career scientists from underrepresented groups as they transition successfully from postdoctoral positions to tenure-track faculty positions. The program also supports scholars to achieve robust careers as microbiologists and immunologists and prepare them to mentor the next generation of scientists.

Meet the ASM MOSAIC 2023 Scholars

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The MicroBio-LEAP Project

ASM’s MicroBio-LEAP project, funded by NSF, trains leaders to embody IDEAA and promote sustained cultural change within their workplaces and organizations. The Microbiology Leaders Evolving and Accountable to Progress (MicroBio-LEAP) Training-of-Leaders (ToL) Scholars Program is dedicated to fostering the embodiment of IDEAA and making the field more welcoming of individuals belonging to historically excluded groups (HEGs) in STEM.

Meet the MicroBio-LEAP Taskforce

We're pleased to introduce members of the taskforce who were appointed in June 2023.

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Future Leaders Mentorship Fellowship

The ASM Future Leaders Mentorship Fellowship (FLMF) supports master's and doctoral graduate students from underrepresented groups as they seek mentorship in educational, career and leadership development. FLMF is a 2-3 year program that matches master’s and doctoral students from historically excluded communities in the microbial sciences with experts (mentors) across varied career sectors—providing networking opportunities with ASM members and nonstudents alike and increasing social capital between fellows and mentors.

Spotlighting Scientists From Historically Underrepresented Groups

ASM celebrates the achievements and contributions of microbiologists from historically underrepresented groups to the field of microbiology. We believe that the various perspectives, experiences and backgrounds of our diverse membership enhance innovation, broaden the research agenda and further scientific advancement. Explore our focus pages, which showcase curated resources, including videos, digital exhibitions and interviews that Spotlight the work and experiences of microbiologists from a diversity of backgrounds and identities in science including:

A collage of ASM Spotlight interviewees.

Advocating for Policies that Embrace DEI

We advocate for policies that embrace and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in science because doing so leads to better science and greater scientific advancement. In Oct. 2023, the ASM Subcommittee on Microbiological Issues Impacting Minorities (renamed to the ASM Subcommittee on the Status of Historically Excluded Groups) held a congressional briefing entitled, "Strengthening Career Pathways in Science for Underrepresented Groups," to highlight the necessity of diversity and inclusion policies in STEM. The discussion was tailored for Congressional staff and other federal policymakers to encourage them to continue the advancements made by the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

ASM Journals

ASM Journals Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Collection

Explore the ASM Journals Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Collection—a multi-journal collection of DEI-related articles published in ASM's journals. This collection focuses on articles that address topics related to inclusive diversity with equity, access and accountability (IDEAA). Such topics include:

  • Challenges faced by microbiologists from underrepresented groups.
  • Inclusive accommodations for scientists and students with disabilities.
  • Fostering DEI in STEM education.
  • Disproportionate disease outcomes for geographically and demographically underserved groups.

Author Name Change Pathway

ASM Journals has created a pathway for authors to request name change updates to their published record that does not require evidence of legal name change or identification.


Hosting the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS)

The first ABRCMS hosted by ASM in 2001 was founded to encourage minority, first-generation, veteran and disabled students to pursue higher education in STEM. Today, ABRCMS is one of the largest professional conferences for underrepresented students.

ASM is a Proud Sponsor of Black In Micro Week

ASM is a proud partner of the Black Microbiologists Association (BMA)#BlackinMicroWeek is a free, online conference organized by BMA. Programming features several networking opportunities and live sessions. Stay tuned for Black in Micro Week updates.

Arise Firebird Screening

Arise Firebird celebrates the indomitable spirit of women and people from historically underrepresented groups in the workplace, highlighting the need for fostering a supportive and engaging environment where every individual can thrive. The post-screening webinar discusses the documentary film and building more inclusive workplaces in the microbial sciences.

Attendees at ABRCMS 2023.

Source: American Society for Microbiology

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