Clinical and Public Health Microbiology Mentors

Aug. 5, 2020

Contact one of the clinical microbiologists for clinical or public health microbiology career advice:

J. Kristie Johnson, Ph.D., D(ABMM)​, Chair
Professor of Pathology
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Medical Director, Microbiology
University of Maryland Medical Center


La'Tonzia L. Adams, M.D., M.S., FASCP, FCAP, CLT
Staff Pathologist
Medical Director: Microbiology/Chemistry/Support Services
VA Portland Health Care System

La'Tonzia prides herself as being one of those pathologists who has decided to step from behind the microscope and out of the laboratory. It has been her goal to bring awareness and understanding of what the laboratory’s actual role is through interdepartmental talks/in-services, serving on facility wide committees, and using clinical consultations as educational opportunities. In addition, she believes that there needs to be more exposure to clinical laboratory sciences. La'Tonzia speaks at various elementary, high schools, and colleges in the community on the field of pathology and clinical laboratory sciences. In her spare time, La'Tonzia enjoys playing the piano and bringing advocacy and awareness to Lipedema and other subcutaneous adipose tissue diseases.

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Patricia Cernoch, MT(ASCP)SM, SV
Manager, Microbiology Laboratory
Houston Methodist Hospital

Janet A. Hindler, MCLS MT(ASCP)
Consultant, Clinical Microbiology
CLS, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Janet is interested in sharing her many years of experience as a CLS and volunteer for several professional organizations (including ASM and SCASM) with new clinical microbiologists. She is also interested in helping clinical microbiologists with their career advancement in whatever way she can.

Janet loves to travel, hike, and cook!

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Nicole M. Green, Ph.D., D(ABMM), PHM, M(ASCP)CM
Director, Public Health Laboratories
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Nikki loves chihuahuas, cooking, and collecting old postcards. She is passionate about training new microbiologists and teaching others about public health and clinical microbiology.

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Ester Knobloch, MLS(ASCP)CM
Microbiology Supervisor
Infection Preventionist
Newman Regional Health, Emporia, KS

Ester has a heart for bench-level clinical microbiologists serving patients in rural America and wants to help them grow in the profession.

Ester enjoys hiking and kayaking in National Parks.

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Perceus Mody, MLS(ASCP)CM
Department of Microbiology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Perceus is passionate about furthering fellow clinical microbiologists’ careers, finding the right fit for them and raising awareness about the field. Perceus believes the diverse field of clinical microbiology has a lot to offer, to young scientific minds graduating from college with an undergraduate, master’s or PhD degree.

Perceus likes reading books (recommends Germ Theory by Robert Gaynes), listening to ASM podcasts while driving to work, and playing soccer.     

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Debra S. Myers , MS, MT(ASCP)SM
Chief Technologist, Clinical Microbiology
Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Debbie would like to give others exposure to what is going on in the world of clinical microbiology outside of their own laboratories. Participating in ASM activities (meetings, webinars and listservs) will enable microbiologists to connect with leaders in the field and develop a network of peers.

Debbie plays tennis and golf. She also enjoys ski and beach vacations.

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Marie Pezzlo, MA, MT(ASCP)SMCM, F(AAM), Chair
Clinical Microbiology Consultant

Marie believes that mentoring bench technologists, early in their careers, has a positive impact on their futures as clinical microbiologists.

Marie loves to cook, travel and attend Jazzercise classes.

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