ASM Code of Ethics and Conduct

Ethics Standards for Society Members
Guiding Principles
  1. ASM members aim to uphold and advance the integrity and dignity of the profession and practice of the microbial sciences.
  2. ASM members aspire to use their knowledge and skills for the advancement of human welfare.
  3. ASM members are honest and impartial in their interactions with their trainees, colleagues, employees, employers, clients, patients, and the public.
  4. ASM members strive to increase the competence and prestige of the profession and practice of the microbial sciences by responsible action and by sharing the results of their research through academic and commercial endeavors, or public service.
  5. ASM members seek to maintain and expand their professional knowledge and skills.
  6. ASM members are obligated to discourage any use of microbiology contrary to the welfare of humankind, including the use of microbes as biological weapons. Bioterrorism violates the fundamental principles upon which the Society was founded and is abhorrent to the ASM and its members. ASM members will call to the attention of the public or the appropriate authorities misuses of microbiology or of information derived from microbiology.


Rules of Conduct

  1. ASM members shall not commit scientific misconduct, defined as fabrication, falsification, or plagiarism. However, scientific error or incorrect interpretation of research data that may occur as part of the scientific process does not constitute scientific misconduct.
  2. ASM members shall avoid conflicts of interest and potential abuse of privileged positions. ASM members shall make full disclosure of financial and other interests that might present a conflict in ASM activities.
  3. ASM members shall abide by the ASM standards of publication that are contained in a document entitled “ASM Editorial Policies/Ethics: Procedures and Guidelines.” The Instructions to Authors for each ASM journal also articulate the ethical publication standards of the ASM. In regard to the presentations made at annual ASM meetings, conferences, and workshops, the ethical standards that pertain to the publications of the Society will be observed.
  4. ASM members shall take responsibility to report breaches of the Rules of Conduct and to recommend appropriate responses, as defined in the Ethics Review Process below.
  5. Members shall not represent any position as being that of the ASM unless it has the approval of the appropriate unit of the ASM.
  6. ASM members, by accepting membership in the Society, agree to abide by this Code of Ethics.