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ASM has your back on journal access, career advice and connecting you to the global community of microbiologists. Now ASM is making it easy and providing opportunities for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy. Check this page often for our current legislative action items and policy resources.


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When advocating for science, it is particularly important that the messages be clearly presented, compelling to nonscientists and based on scientific evidence. The American Society for Microbiology Advocacy Team has created the following guide to help you communicate with Congress.

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The Importance of Your Engagement

Funding for Science. ASM commends the Biden Administration for demonstrating a strong commitment to public health and science in the FY 2022 Presidential budget. The proposed FY 2022 budget would strengthen basic, translational and clinical research across multiple agencies. As Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL-11) highlighted during an exclusive meeting with ASM advocates, future funding and ongoing legislation will have wide-ranging implications for science, including the bioeconomy and the scientific workforce.


ASM has developed several factsheets to help you advocate for high-profile issues in the microbial sciences. These educational factsheets are designed for you to share with a non-scientific audience, such as policymakers and government officials, and to augment formal requests for science policy and funding. If you have any questions about these factsheets, please email

Factsheets are available for download on the following topics: