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ASM has your back on journal access, career advice and connecting you to the global community of microbiologists. Now ASM is making it easy and providing opportunities for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy.



Take the Message to Congress

When advocating for science, it is particularly important that the messages be clearly presented, compelling to nonscientists and based on scientific evidence. The American Society for Microbiology Office of Public Affairs has created the following guide to help you communicate with Congress.

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Coronavirus Advocacy

Supporting robust and sustained federal funding for research is necessary to give the United States a fighting chance against infectious diseases like COVID-19, as well as to advance plant, animal and human health and the health of our environment. Please write to your members of Congress today to tell them to support robust funding across the research ecosystem. 
Effectively combating COVID-19 means increased funding for testing, contact tracing, and providing healthcare workers with adequate protection. The House of Representatives HEROES Act would provide $75 billion in funds, while the Senate HEALS Act would only offer $16 billion. Write your members of Congress today to tell them to support emergency funding for COVID-19 testing at the highest levels possible!

Do you have questions about how legislators and federal agencies are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? ASM's Policy and Advocacy team is here to help. 


ASM has developed several factsheets to help you advocate for high-profile issues in the microbial sciences. These educational factsheets are designed for you to share with a non-scientific audience, such as policymakers and government officials, and to augment formal requests for science policy and funding. If you have any questions about these factsheets, please email

Factsheets are available for download on the following topics: