Biosecurity/ Biodefense

To advance the microbial sciences and their application to biosecurity and biodefense now and in the future, ASM will advocate for the following:
  • Robust, sustained and predictable funding for federal, state and local agencies to effectively detect and respond to global threats and outbreaks.
  • Support for surveillance of bioterrorism and microbes that can be weaponized.
  • Recognition of the role of both biodefense programs and public health as critical to global health security.
  • Policies that facilitate education, training and support in biosecurity, biodefense and biosafety.
  • Policies that promote the responsible and secure conduct of biodefense research in accordance with biosafety protocols.
  • Evidence-based policy making that draws from scientific expertise both inside and outside of governmental agencies to address the security implications of existing, emerging and reemerging health threats such as infectious diseases; promote the appropriate use of technology; anticipate and mitigate risks from emerging and disruptive technologies; and, support surveillance and reporting systems.
  • Policies that facilitate productive engagement among global partners.
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Author: ASM Advocacy

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