Fundamental Microbial Sciences and Discovery

To advance the fundamental (also referred to as basic) microbial sciences and their broad applications now and in the future, ASM will advocate for the following:
  • Robust, sustained and predictable funding for federal agencies and programs that support the fundamental microbial sciences. Funding from local and state government entities, as well as through the private sector, plays an important role and can supplement federal funding for the microbial sciences.
  • Policies that promote education, training and support for a diverse scientific workforce, recognizing that researchers from diverse backgrounds lead to stronger science.
  • Policies that support investigators at all levels, but especially early career researchers, who are often responsible for innovative science and yet often have more difficulty getting funded in times of constrained resources.
  • Policies that recognize the importance of and support both investigator-initiated research and team science. Research on cross-cutting, transformative topics, require global and multi-disciplinary collaborations and convergence of scientific disciplines.
  • Public policies that support a productive, inclusive research environment and encourage exchange of ideas, including through professional meetings, publications, and by engaging with professional societies.
  • Policies that recognize that global collaborations are an essential element for advancing modern science.
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Author: ASM Advocacy

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