Microbes in Agriculture

To advance the microbial sciences in agriculture policy now and in the future, ASM will advocate for the following:
  • Robust funding for basic, translational and applied agricultural research and regulatory science, including support for research that enhances the health of animals, plants and the environment; provides infectious diseases surveillance, and develops interventions to ensure food and water safety
  • Policies that utilize the integral role the plant, animal, soil and water microbiomes play in a healthy and economic supply of food, fiber and a well-functioning agroecosystem
  • Support for publicly-funded programs that provide critical human resources and infrastructure needed to deploy new knowledge and technologies in the field.
  • Advancement of policies that foster a diverse agricultural and extension workforce of tomorrow, recognizing the multi-disciplinary nature of microbial and agricultural research.
  • Greater consensus on and communication concerning policy changes governing antimicrobial stewardship in both agriculture and medicine. ASM believes a One Health approach to antimicrobial resistance is best to tackle this serious public health challenge and requires collaboration between government entities focused on both human health and agriculture.
  • Implementation of policies that will advance mechanisms to translate basic research findings to real world, scalable market-based solutions. This will require federal incentives for the continued refinement of technologies, and policies that promote the commercialization of these technologies.
  • Support for policies that promote research on environmentally sustainable agricultural practices, and policies that facilitate implementation of these practices.
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Author: ASM Advocacy

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