ASM Hill Day 2020

Sept. 4, 2020

ASM is committed to serving the microbial sciences and taking that passion to Capitol Hill! This year, ASM’s Hill Day brings 33 early-career scientists and members of the Public and Scientific Affairs Committee (PSAC) to meet with their elected officials. In May, the participants were selected from a competitive application process, and have been preparing ever since.

Now, as the September 10 day of action is upon us, ASM is asking you to help magnify their message! The Hill Day participants will be discussing federal funding as part of their meetings with federal legislators and their staff. Support them by tweeting about your research or about why it’s necessary to support the microbial sciences using the hashtag #ASMHillDay.

Want to do more?

Send messages to your representatives and senators asking them to support research relief. ASM is partnering with other professional societies to raise awareness of the importance of restoring our academic research enterprise impacted by COVID-19. ASM and other scientific societies have teamed up to organize a Research Relief Advocacy campaign urging Congress to pass the RISE Act providing specific authorization recommendations for each research agency.

You can also join forces with members of other science societies and tweet your member of Congress about the RISE Act which would support U.S. research universities negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Craft your own tweet or use this one: The U.S. research enterprise contributes to public health, national security, and economic growth. #ResearchRelief should be included in future COVID relief legislation. #RISEAct

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ASM is working on building its advocacy program so that the microbial sciences have a voice in policymaking. This year’s program builds on progress made from our 2019 Hill Day and continues our commitment to make it easier for microbiologists to advocate.

Author: ASM Advocacy

ASM Advocacy
ASM Advocacy is making it easy and providing opportunities for members to advocate for evidence-based scientific policy.