Letter in Support of Ukrainian Scientists

March 2, 2022

The American Society for Microbiology stands in solidarity with our members, ambassadors and fellow scientists in Ukraine. Science is a global endeavor that depends upon international collaboration, partnerships, information sharing and academic discourse. The on-going fight against the pandemic has served to amplify the need for such cross-border collaboration. Military action in Ukraine represents a threat to scientific progress not only in that country, but on a global scale.

ASM also understands that the current situation isolates scientists in Russia from the rest of the world. As with their colleagues in Ukraine, the current situation threatens years of strong scientific advancement and community building.

Universities and academic institutions around the globe are responding to the plea to stand with Ukraine to protect the fundamentals of peace, security and democracy in Europe and throughout the world. ASM has reached out to our members in Ukraine to understand how we can provide support at this time.

We hope that a resolution is reached soon. Our thoughts are with our Ukrainian colleagues and friends and with all scientists around the world.

Author: ASM Communications

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