Microbiology Careers Salary Survey

Aug. 6, 2021

Benchmark your salary and benefits against peers and gain valuable insights into compensation packages across the microbiology industry. Survey results will help you plan your next career move, strengthen your negotiating position and support equity across the profession. More than 4,000 ASM members have added their career and compensation data to ASM’s Microbiology Careers Salary Survey. Providing members with this valuable insight is another way ASM is working to help advance your career.

Complete the Survey and Access Reports

ASM’s Microbiology Careers Salary Survey is a member benefit that offers information about compensation, benefits, impact of COVID-19 and more.

We are currently collecting data for 2022! If you already entered your data for 2021, you can simply copy prior year data for 2022 and update as needed. New 2022 reports are now available‚Äč!

Microbiology Careers Salary Survey customizable reports allow members to do the following:

  • Filter reports by geographic area, years of experience, gender, salary source, etc.
  • Find data for your specific job function, title or workplace type.
  • Research salaries and benefits for microbiology jobs you are interested in.
  • Discover the impact of COVID-19 on microbiology careers.

Who Can Access the Salary Survey?

Only ASM members can participate and access the valuable interactive and comparative data tables and charts. Due to data requirements, students, emeritus and global outreach members are not eligible to input their data, but have access to review salary reporting. Any personally identifiable data is confidential and will not be shared in the reporting.

For an in-depth overview of the survey platform, reports and downloads, review this informational video.

Questions? Contact ASM at service@asmusa.org or (202) 942-9319.