Amanda Ojeda, MPH

Amanda Ojeda, MPH


University of Florida

Amanda Ojeda, MPH, a Miami, Fla. native with Cuban and Venezuelan heritage, brings a diverse and accomplished background to her scientific pursuits. With 5 years of laboratory experience, Ojeda has excelled in microbiology and public health, with experience in the food safety industry sector at Merieux NutriSciences. Furthermore, Ojeda has made significant contributions to academia as the teaching lab manager for microbiology and cell science, showcasing her commitment to education and fostering a passion for science.

During Ojeda’s Master's in Public Health program, her drive to merge her interests led her to seek research opportunities in international settings. This led Ojeda to embark on a transformative journey, participating in 2 groundbreaking studies funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in rural eastern Ethiopia. These studies focused on the Campylobacter genomics and environmental enteric dysfunction (caged) and exposure assessment Campylobacter infections (EXCAM). This research focused on identifying the prevalence and composition of Campylobacter species in infants and potential exposure pathways during the first year of life.

Ojeda worked on these studies under the guidance of esteemed researchers, including Arie Havelaar, Ph.D., Sarah Mckune, MPH, Ph.D., Song Liang, Ph.D., Gireesh Rajashekara, DVM, Ph.D., Loic Deblais, Ph.D., Eric Triplett, Ph.D., and Luiz Roesch, Ph.D.

Ojeda is currently a doctoral student at the University of Florida, pursuing a Ph.D. in microbiology and cell science. Ojeda envisions a future in teaching and engaging in international collaborations to improve maternal and child health through microbiome research, while embracing diversity and empowering communities worldwide.