Dr. Nadine Gordon

Dr. Gordon earned a B.S. in Plant and Soil Science with a minor in Computer Information Systems at Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Missouri. She completed a M.S. in Plant Science and Ph.D. in Environmental Science with focus in Environmental Biotechnology at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Following her Ph.D. studies, she was offered a position as Assistant Professor of Biology at Tallahassee Community College (TCC) from August 2013 to present. In this tenure, she spends 40% of her time to coordinate the new environmental science program and the other 60% to teaching environmental science and biology courses. Prior to this tenure, Nadine served as an adjunct instructor at TCC where she taught various biology courses. She pictured her perfect job would be one in which she is able to teach, which she enjoys doing for 9 months, and work in a research lab during the summers. She enjoys traveling with her two beautiful children to Jamaica to spend time with her parents while also enjoying the beaches and good food.