Gillian Edwards, M.S., Ph.M., SM (NRCM), RM (NRCM)

A former pharmaceutical industry Quality Control Microbiologist (bacteriologist) for many years, I am a part-time microbiology instructor at University of California Berkeley Extension (UNEX), where I teach a medical microbiology lecture course, and in the past have taught a microbiology laboratory course, to post-baccalaureate allied health students and others. As an Adjunct Professor of Microbiology, I have taught general microbiology lecture and laboratory courses at the community college level.

In addition to teaching at UNEX, I am a licensed public health microbiologist working at the California Department of Public Health in mycobacteriology, and under a California emerging infections program, with various enteric bacteria in support of the CDC’s national surveillance program for antimicrobial resistance. I obtained my Masters of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Science (formerly Clinical Laboratory Science) with an emphasis in Immunology from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from University of Maryland.

I am a member of ASM and ASM’s national registry of certified microbiologists. I am an ASM certified specialist microbiologist in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices and registered microbiologist in Quality Assurance and Consumer Products. I am a former member of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Certification Exam committee and am an online minority mentor.

Having started out working in the clinical laboratory during my undergraduate days and now being in the public health sector, I maintain a deep interest in global infectious diseases of humans, particularly bacterial, with my main interest being mycobacterium tuberculosis and global tuberculosis.