Hyacinthe TUYUBAHE

Hyacinthe TUYUBAHE


KL University

Hyacinthe TUYUBAHE is a biotechnology student at KL University, India. TUYUBAHE joined the American Society for Microbiology in November 2022 as a global outreach member. Throughout TUYUBAHE’s academic journey, he actively sought opportunities to bridge the gap in representation, recognizing the importance of diversity in scientific advancements. TUYUBAHE worked to engage in projects and collaborations that shed light on the challenges in the life sciences field that are faced by historically excluded groups, particularly in the African context.

TUYUBAHE's commitment to research excellence led him to join SRM University-AP, Amaravati, India as a research assistant studying phages and bacterial biology. During his time at SRM University-AP, TUYUBAHE conducted various research works including CRISPR-Cas regulation in persisters of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to understand the mystery behind this phenomenon of antibiotic persistence. TUYUBAHE's major research interests include CRISPR/Cas systems, phage therapies, microbial pathogenesis, vaccines, infectious diseases and molecular biology.

In addition to his academic pursuits, TUYUBAHE has been actively involved in advocating for inclusion and equal opportunities in microbiology. TUYUBAHE has participated in various conferences and symposiums, presenting his research findings and raising awareness about the underrepresentation of microbiological aspects.

TUYUBAHE is also a recipient of the 2023 ASM community science grant as a founder of the African Life Science Enhancement Forum—the initiative of young life scientists’ students and aspirants of life sciences. This initiative aims to create a thriving, vibrant and sustainable community by bringing together life science experts, young students and stakeholders in Africa and around the globe, to enhance life science research and innovation in the continent.