Isabelle Coppens, Ph.D.

My laboratory is best known for uncovering the strategies used by human parasites from the phylum Apicomplexa to exploit their hosts, leading to disease pathology. By entering into the confines of a mammalian cell, these parasites assure themselves a ready source of nutrients and protection from immune confrontations. My lab focuses on how apicomplexan parasites successfully enter into a target cell, scavenge nutrients and avoid host cell defenses. Since my Ph.D. thesis, I have developed a particular interest in studying the cell biological adaptations of protozoan parasites to the mammalian host, an area of research that yields remarkable aspects of pathogenic strategies and provides a unique window into basic aspects of mammalian cell functions. In addition, my broad expertise in cellular parasitology has generated several collaborations with highly accomplished colleagues. To this end, I have demonstrated a record of productive research projects in areas of great relevance for combating pathogenic parasites.