Iyiola Oladunjoye

Iyiola Oladunjoye


University of Antwerp

Iyiola Oladunjoye is a Nigerian microbiologist with a strong passion for addressing the overwhelming infectious disease burden in Africa through a systemic approach known as One Health. Oladunjoye’s journey in microbial sciences began in 2018 when he graduated from University of Ilorin with a B.S. in microbiology and with First Class Honors. Oladunjoye has embarked on further studies in the field of vaccinology at the University of Antwerp. Currently, as a recipient of the prestigious Erasmus+ scholarship under the Joint Master in Leading International Vaccinology Education program, Oladunjoye is actively involved in cutting-edge learning endeavors that explore innovative technologies, such as vaccines and biologics, to combat infectious disease challenges. 

One of Oladunjoye's core aspirations is to contribute to the establishment of resilient health systems in Africa, which are capable of effectively controlling endemic diseases and curbing persistent outbreaks of zoonotic infections across the continent. To this end, Oladunjoye has dedicated his career to supporting Africa in augmenting its local capacity for vaccine discovery and production. This aligns with the goals set forth by the African Union and Africa CDC's Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing initiative, which aims to manufacture and produce 60% of the required vaccines within the continent by 2040.

Driven by the desire to address the challenges of poor workforce development in microbial sciences and instill confidence in microbiology students, Oladunjoye assumed the role of ASM Young Ambassador to Nigeria in January 2021, as well as becoming a member of the ASM Young Leaders Circle and the ASM Future Leaders Mentoring Fellow. Leveraging the abundant resources offered by the ASM, Oladunjoye has organized professional development webinars and workshops, empowering the next generation of microbiologists in Nigeria.

The culmination of Oladunjoye’s experiences in public health, environmental management and animal health has solidified his commitment to addressing the global challenge of zoonoses and antimicrobial resistance. Through his work, Oladunjoye has honed his skills in scientific writing and research, resulting in the collaborative publication of several articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose and a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Oladunjoye strives to make a significant contribution to the field of microbiology and the overall improvement of public health in Africa and beyond, especially in improving microbial science education and practice in historically underrepresented groups.