Jesse Noar

North Carolina State University

Jesse is a Ph.D. from North Carolina State University who finds microbes continually fascinating. He's working on ways to see just how good for us bacteria can be, and in order to share his enthusiasm for discoveries made by others or myself, he created BacterioFiles.

Back in early 2009 when science podcasts first caught his interest, he looked around to see if he could find any up-to-date podcasts that were focused on microbiology. There were a few, but they mostly seemed to focus on the negative aspects of bacteria or viruses that cause disease. I wanted news about how important bacteria and other microbes are, in our bodies, in the environment, and even in our technology, as well as how interesting and diverse they can be. So his path was clear: he had to fill the niche. That path led to the creation of BacterioFiles, the podcast for microbe lovers, dedicated to promoting the exploration of the mostly-invisible world that is all around us.

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