Judith Noble-Wang, Ph.D

Judith Noble-Wang, Ph.D, is a research microbiologist in the Clinical and Environmental Microbiology Branch, Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion at CDC.  She earned her Ph.D., Master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Microbiology with a concentration in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.  She has been with CDC for almost 4 years and previously held scientist positions in the pharmaceutical industry.  In her current position at CDC, she is an Acting Team Lead and manages and performs research studies on the survival and transmission of emerging pathogens in healthcare environments and survival of bacterial agents of bioterrorism in various environmental matrices.  She also provides state health departments, hospitals and federal health agencies, public health guidance for effective disinfection of microorganisms in various environments and prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections.  Noble-Wang has authored over 25 peer-reviewed publications.  She has received CDC awards for her contributions to public health epidemiology and laboratory research.  Noble-Wang has been an ASM member since 1993 and is also a member of Sigma Xi, International Honor Society of Scientific and Engineering Research.