Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormley

Sonia Ben Ouagrham-Gormleyis an associate professor at theGeorge Mason University (GMU) BiodefenseProgram. Prior to joining the GMU faculty in 2008, Ben Ouagrham-Gormley spent ten years working as a senior research associate at the Monterey Institute Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS). In 1999-2001,Ben Ouagrham-Gormley was based in the CNS Almaty office in Kazakhstan where she conducted studies on the conversion of bioweapons facilities in the former Soviet Union. In 2002-2005, she conducted a study of the Anti-Plague System of Central Asia and the Caucasus and participated in the Biological Weapon Proliferation Prevention program, under the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program funded by the Department of Defense.