Zachary Senwo, Ph.D

Zachary Senwo, is a Professor of Soil & Environmental Microbial Biochemistry, and Environmental Sciences in the College of Agricultural, Life and Natural Sciences at Alabama A&M University. He has received numerous awards and honors as a scientist, and Research Director including being named a Fellow of the Food Systems Leadership Institute. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Georgia and the Master of Science from Alabama A&M University. To earn his Ph.D. from Iowa State University, his work focused on nitrogen chemistry and microbial biochemistry of soil nitrogen enzymes. Prior to this work he studied the inhibitory effects of acidic mine soils on sericea Lespedeza/Bradyrhizobium, and tolerance of lespedeza bradyrhizobia to acidity, aluminum, and manganese in culture media containing glutamate or ammonium. His research and professional focus are on enzymatic and microbial processes in soils, environmental and agriculture systems; methods in soil enzymology; soil microbial communities in ecosystem services; global and environmental health, metal/non-metal inhibition of enzymes; chemical partitioning and bioreduction of soil metals; and harnessing fungi’s enzymatic potentials in bioenergy and bio-based fuels. His research output and field-relevant data have impacted governments, researchers, private organizations, faculty and students worldwide. He has authored/co-authored more than 150 research articles and book chapters that continue to impact other research programs globally. He has successfully launched new international research, education and outreach partnerships and conducted training programs in agriculture, natural resource conservation, and global health at institutions in Brazil, Costa Rica, China, and Honduras to provide students and faculty geographically diverse perspectives.