How It Works

The COVID-19 Research Registry is a collection of top coronavirus and SARS-CoV-2 research, timely curated and vetted by experts. The registry is designed for researchers, healthcare providers & students for a one-stop shop of authoritative information of fundamental research on SARS-CoV-2.

Article curation and posting process

How is information gathered and organized on the registry?
Starting with CZI Meta as the input, the articles will be triaged by categories/subcategories and sent to the assigned curators for further review. Curators will provide recommendations to the curator-in-chief who will decide what articles will be posted on the registry site.
What kind of materials will be published on the registry?
Registry will focus on reviews and research articles, both published and preprints. We also share COVID-19 educational materials for researchers and students.

Every other week, the registry publishes a commentary from a curator on a recent paper posted to the registry. 

Once a month, the registry hosts a virtual journal club to offer an opportunity to share knowledge and diverse perspectives on the field of coronavirus research. All the past sessions are available at the registry virtual journal club archive. These sessions have attracted researchers and educators from over 40 countries worldwide.
How many papers have been posted to the registry?
As of May 2022, there have been over 2400 articles posted to the registry and over 268,000 papers screened from CZI Meta. The registry has received over 125,000 unique pageviews by almost 80,000 users since its launch in April 2020.
Do the articles on the registry only come from ASM journals?
No, papers from all journals & pre-prints sources are considered and reviewed.
Does the registry include papers related to medical care/patient management?
We will focus on publications on basic science, translational science, and clinical trials. The registry will not include articles related to patient management.
Who are curators?
Curators are leaders in their particular scientific discipline with extensive experience in studying coronaviruses or other microbial agents.
Do curators perform peer review?
No. The work is selected based on the best judgment of the curator(s). The goal of the curation is to help the scientific community quickly get up to speed with current, relevant and scientifically sound COVID-19 research. Certainly, many of the curated articles have already been published and gone through peer review.
What are the criteria for a publication/pre-print to be curated?

Curated works for the registry must meet at least 2 criteria:

  1. They add value to the current state of knowledge or fill a needed gap in understanding.
  2. They are scientifically sound.
Legal Notice and Disclaimer

The scientific information contained in the COVID-19 Research Registry (Registry) is being provided by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) as a service to the scientific community during this time of critical response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the interest of disseminating this information quickly, ASM is presenting the information in this Registry "as is" without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. ASM does not endorse, approve, or certify such information, nor does it guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, or timeliness of such information. Use of such information is voluntary, and reliance on it should only be undertaken after an independent review the information. Reference herein, or in any of the information appearing in the Registry, to any specific commercial product or publications does not imply endorsement, recommendation or favoring by ASM of that product or publication.

In no event shall ASM or its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives or volunteers be responsible for any damages or other consequences resulting from use of or reliance on the information in this Registry or from use of information found at linked Internet websites or in any respect for the content of such information.  ASM and its directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and volunteers shall not be responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on such information.

The Registry, and in some instances, specific information appearing in the Registry, are under development.  Changes may be made to the Registry and the information referenced in the Registry at any time.