ASM’s Clin Micro Portal is being integrated into ASM’s main website, The content is currently being moved and will be available on both the portal and until July 31, 2021. Starting Aug. 1, 2021, this content will only be available on The main website will now host all relevant content and keep you up-to-date on all that’s going on at ASM!

To ensure continued access to portal content, the URL for an item's new location is available on its portal webpage. If you have any questions about this integration, contact Nicole Jackson.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is the Portal Being Integrated?

ASM would like to move all content to one platform. This will ensure visitors will see all relevant content in one place, as opposed to multiple platforms.

How Do I See Only Clinical Microbiology Content on

You can filter the content on the left-hand side of the ASM website to filter to your tastes. You can also bookmark the Clinical and Public Health Microbiology section of the website, as the content tagged on this page is similar to the content previously posted to the portal.

What If I Cannot Find the Content I Am Looking For?

The content moved from the portal is based on the portal’s website traffic. ASM also did not repost any content that is already available on the ASM website or any out-of-date content. If you do not see the page you are looking for, you can email ASM staff.

Where Can I Find the Portal Q&A?

Portal Q&A is no longer available as it includes out of date content. ASM suggests you post any clinical microbiology questions to the Division C (clinical microbiology) listserv.