International Open Access Week is entering its 15th year. Publishers and advocates all over the world understand the importance of breaking down barriers and sharing knowledge with the greater community through open access publications. This year’s theme — Open for Climate Justice — underscores the importance of sharing vital knowledge globally especially when the effects are far-reaching. In celebration of International Open Access Week and the Open for Climate Justice theme read the new joint climate change editorial published in COP27 Climate Change Conference: Urgent ActionNeeded for Africa and the World and explore ASM’s Top 10 Papers on Climate Change collection. Download the full collection.

Explore our Top 10 Papers on Climate Change Collection 

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Our Continued Commitment to Open Access

American Society for Microbiology’s (ASM) mission is to advance the microbial sciences. Every day the society takes steps to do just that including announcing our recent membership into the Alliance for Open Science. Read the press release to learn more about the Alliance for Open Science. 

Our 6 Open Access Journals:

Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education® (JMBE) ASM’s first open access educational journal is dedicated to publishing articles rooted in the biological sciences that address topics such as good pedagogy and design, student interest and motivation, recruitment and retention, citizen science, and institutional transformation. Read the full scope to learn more about JMBE.

mBio® ASM’s top broad open access journal publishes the best papers in all disciplines that address microbiological problems, including, but not limited to, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics and genomics, environmental science, evolution, immunology, infectious disease, and physiology. Read the full scope to learn more about mBio.

Microbiology Resource Announcements® (MRA) publishes articles announcing the availability of any microbiological resource deposited in a repository available to the community. Read the full scope to learn more about MRA.

Microbiology Spectrum® (SpectrumASM’s newest open access journal publishes research from all domains of basic, applied, and clinical microbial sciences. Rather than making subjective evaluations of potential impact, it publishes research studies that are of high technical quality and are useful to the community. Read the full scope to learn more about Spectrum.

mSphere® is a multidisciplinary open-access journal that focuses on rapid publication of fundamental contributions to our understanding of microbiology. Its scope reflects the immense range of fields within the microbial sciences, creating new opportunities for researchers to share findings that are transforming our understanding of human, animal, and plant health and disease, ecosystems, neuroscience, energy production, climate change, evolution, biogeochemical cycling, and food and drug production. Read the full scope to learn more about mSphere.

mSystems® publishes preeminent work that stems from applying technologies for high-throughput analyses to achieve insights into the metabolic and regulatory systems at the scale of both the single cell and microbial communities. Read the full scope to learn more about mSystems.