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Our career and professional development resources are for students, postdoctoral scientists, educators, researchers and practitioners in the microbial sciences. Explore job opportunities, connect with other microbiology professionals and chart a path to advance your microbiology career.

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Advance your career in the microbial sciences by watching webinars that highlight new and developing content in the field, reading first-hand accounts and career advice from experts in the field, networking at conferences with peers. 



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Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS)

ABRCMS is the go-to conference for underrepresented community college, undergraduate and postbaccalaureate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). It has also become a space for graduate students, postdocs, faculty, program administrators and more.

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ABRCMS 2024 takes place in Pittsburgh from Nov. 13-16.

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Source: American Society for Microbiology


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Our online member community is the place where you can pose questions, participate in discussions about the latest research and share information with your peers around the globe. Login to begin networking with educators and other professionals in your field. Exchange ideas, collaborate, mentor and learn.

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ASM Country Ambassadors and ASM Young Ambassadors span 116 countries and offer senior and early-career scientists alike a platform to respond to the needs of their local scientific communities, build relationships with key institutions and facilitate partnerships that advance the microbial sciences around the globe.

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Branches serve students, postdocs, early-career and established scientists by providing professional development, leadership and mentoring opportunities.


Source: American Society for Microbiology

Developing an Active and Engaged Workforce Today and in the Future

Workforce Trends: The Future of Microbial Sciences

To better understand the microbiology workforce, we commissioned a new study providing the most current look at the demographic makeup, employment patterns and occupations of the microbiology discipline. The report is a robust analysis of the microbiology discipline that explores key trends in education, employment, occupations, earnings and job satisfaction. Providing this robust analysis is essential for informing early-career scientists about the status of the pipeline and the outcomes for a career in microbiology. We will use this data to better prepare, train, advocate for and support individuals in the microbial sciences in order to develop an active and engaged workforce today and in the future.

ASM Future Leaders Mentoring Fellowship

The Future Leaders Mentoring Fellowship supports graduate students from underrepresented groups by providing mentorship for educational, career and leadership development.

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We provide resources to facilitate educators in teaching microbial sciences to a K-12 and undergraduate audience.

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