ASM's Corporate Council program offers companies a unique and impactful year-long relationship with ASM and its members. Starting in 2022, companies can now choose between 3 membership tiers-Kingdom, Phylum, or Class. This program offers a wide array of benefits that can give your organization an edge. 

Connections with leadership

  • Direct access to ASM staff and leaders through invitations to ad hoc meetings.
  • Invitation to ASM Board of Director's Reception.
  • Invitation to year-long virtual learning sessions (fireside chats).
  • Invitation to ASM Corporate Council Stakeholders Convenings I and II (Clin Micro Open and CC2). 

Exclusive Sponsorship & Meeting Opportunities

  • Priority review of ASM-wide sponsorships.
  • Priority booth selection for ASM Microbe and ASM CVS.
  • Priority housing selection for ASM Microbe and ASM CVS.
  • Priority advertising selection for ASM Microbe and ASM CVS (must be an exhibitor).
  • Opportunity to host a focus group at ASM Microbe and ASM CVS.
  • Complimentary meeting registrations

Recognition and Marketing 

  • Recognition as a supporter of the ASM Awards and Prize Program.
  • Acknowledgement on ASM's LinkedIn page.
  • Logo displayed on Corporate Council page.
  • Logo displayed at all major ASM meetings. 
  • Logo displayed in printed program at ASM Microbe and ASM CVS.
  • Access to exclusive Corporate Council monthly newsletter.
  • Personalized Corporate Council annual benefits report.
  • Advertisement slot in the ASM Newsletter.
  • Complimentary article on

Exposure to the Microbial Science Community 

ASM Corporate Council Membership Tiers and Benefits

Kingdom $40,000 Phylum $20,000 Class $10,000
Connections with Leadership
Direct Access to ASM Leaders    ✔          ✔          ✔     
ASM Board of Directors' Reception       ✔ (10)*     ✔ (5)    ✔ (2)
Year-long Virtual Learning Sessions    ✔ (4)     ✔ (2)  
Convening I (Clin Micro Open)   ✔ (4)    ✔ (2)  
NEW! Convening II (CC2)   ✔ (4)   ✔ (2)
Kingdom $40,000 Phylum $20,000 Class $10,000
Exclusive Sponsorship and Meeting Opportunities
Priority Review for Sponsorships   ✔         ✔         ✔     
Priority Booth Selection   ✔        ✔         ✔     
Priority Housing Selection   ✔        ✔       
Priority Advertising Selection  ✔        ✔       
Host a Focus Group  ✔       
Meeting Registrations  ✔ (4)  
Kingdom $40,000 Phylum $20,000 Class $10,000
Recognition and Marketing
Supporter ASM Awards and Prize Program  ✔         ✔         ✔     
Acknowledgement on LinkedIn ✔       ✔       ✔    
Logo on ASM's Corporate Council Webpage ✔      ✔      ✔   
Logo Displayed at all major ASM Meetings ✔      ✔      ✔   
Logo in Printed Program
(Microbe & CVS)
✔      ✔     ✔   
Exclusive Monthly Corporate Council Newsletter ✔       ✔       ✔    
Personalized Annual Report ✔       
Advertisement in ASM Newsletter ✔ (4)  
Article on ✔          
Kingdom $40,000 Phylum $20,000 Class $10,000
Exposure to Microbial Sciences Community
Clinical Online Journal Package    ✔ (4)             ✔ (1)           
All-Inclusive Online Journal Package ✔ (4)  
ASM Contributing Membership ✔ (4)  
Company Showcase on Corporate Council webpage ✔       

Corporate Council Kingdom Member In the News

This could be your advertisement! Kingdom members have access to this space through our company showcase benefit. 

ASM Logo

ASM thanks current Corporate Council members for their collaboration and commitment, which are essential to advancing and promoting the field of microbial sciences.