Suzanne Fleiszig


Rebecca V. Ferrell, Ph.D.

Vice Chair

Ex Officio Members

Victor DiRita


Robin Patel

Past President

Timothy Donohue


Marylynn V. Yates


Stefano Bertuzzi


Arturo Casadevall, M.D., Ph.D.

Governors Chair, American Academy of Microbiology

Steven E. Finkel, Ph.D.


At-Large Councilors

Vaughn Cooper

('23) COMS-Elected Board Director

Elizabeth Marlowe

('23) COMS-Elected Board Director

Alison Criss, Ph.D.


Amy Mathers, M.D.


Judith Armitage

('21), International

Kristine Wylie


Natividad Ruiz


Patricia (Trish) Simner

('21, Early Career)

Paul Brown

('21), International

Sean Crosson


Rebecca V. Ferrell, Ph.D.


Shannon McQuaig Ulrich, Ph.D.


Program Committee Chairs

David Aronoff

('22), Meetings Strategy

Mary Sanchez Lanier

('21), Education

Melissa Miller

('23), Clinical and Public Health Microbiology

Patrick Schloss

('23), Journals

Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Ph.D.

('22), Public and Scientific Affairs

Steven Specter

('23), Membership

Vanessa Sperandio

('22), ASM Press

Tara C. Smith, Ph.D.

('22), Communications

Branch Councilors

Amanda Harrington

Illinois ('23)

Andrea Furuya

Eastern New York ('23)

Becky Sparks-Thissen

Indiana ('22)

Bob McLean

Texas ('21)

Boo Shan Tseng

Arizona/South Nevada ('21)

Catherine Loc-Carrillo

Intermountain ('23)

Denise M. Akob

Washington, D.C. ('23)

Elaine Haase

Western New York ('22)

Elizabeth Antaki-Zukoski

Northern California ('21)

Eric Anderson

North Carolina ('21)

Esther Babady

New York City ('23)

Frank J. Scarano

Northeast ('22)

Gail Rowe

Allegheny ('22)

Irving Nachamkin

Eastern Pennsylvania ('21)

Jack Brothers

Alaska ('22)

Janet Donaldson

South Central ('21)

Jennifer Gaddy

Kentucky-Tennessee ('21)

Jose Perez Jimenez

Puerto Rico ('21)

Joy Scaria

North Central ('23)

Laura Harris

Michigan ('22)

Laura Regassa

Southeastern ('23)

Laura Tuhela-Reuning

Ohio ('23)

Leigh Knodler

Northwest ('23)

Lisa A. Cuchara

Connecticut Valley ('23)

Melanie Mormile

Missouri (’22)

Michael Lieberman

Hawaii ('22)

Michael Schurr

Rocky Mountain ('21)

Silvia Pineiro

Maryland ('21)

Siobain Duffy

Theobald Smith Society, NJ ('21)

Stephen Young

Rio Grande ('22)

Terri Ellis

Florida ('23)

Travis Bourret

Missouri Valley ('23)

Louise Temple

Virginia ('22)

Michael Schmidt

South Carolina ('22)

Zaffar Hussain

So California ('23)

Division Councilors

Vaughn Cooper

Division R. Evolutionary and Genomic Microbiology ('21)

Alison Buchan

Division N. Microbial Ecology ('22)

Anthony Richardson

Division B. Microbial Pathogens ('21)

Belinda Ostrowsky

Division L. Healthcare Epidemiology ('23)

Brad Bearson

Division Z. Animal Health Microbiology ('23)

Carin Vanderpool

Division H. Genetics and Molecular Biology ('21)

Cecilia Martinez-Gomez

Division K. Microbial Physiology and Metabolism ('21)

Christopher Snabes

Division P. Food Microbiology ('21)

Daniel R. Brown

Division G. Mycoplasmology ('22)

Elitza S. Theel

Division V. Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology ('23)

George Sprague

Division X. Molecular, Cellular, and General Biology of Eukaryotes ('21)

Jason Gill

Division M. Bacteriophage ('22)

John Griffith

Division Q. Environmental and General Applied Microbiology ('22)

Jyothi Rengarajan

Division U. Mycobacteriology ('21)

Kyle MacLea

Division I. General Microbiology ('22)

Manuela Raffatellu, M.D.

Division D. Microbe-Host Interactions ('22)

Maria Fernanda Mojica

Division A. Antimicrobial Chemotherapy ('21)

Marie-Claire Rowlinson

Division Y. Public Health ('22)

Mark O. Martin, Ph.D.

Division W. Microbiology Education ('21)

Paul Fidel

Division F. Medical Mycology ('22)

Prahathees Eswara

Division J. Cell and Structural Biology ('23)

Pranav Danthi

Division T. RNA Viruses ('23)

Richard Longnecker

Division S. DNA Viruses ('23)

Sunny Shin

Division E. Immunology ('23)

Susan Butler-Wu

Division C. Clinical Microbiology ('23)

Thaddeus Ezeji

Division O. Fermentation and Biotechnology ('22)

Zhicheng Dou

Division AA. Free-Living, Symbiotic and Parasitic Protists ('23

Division Interdisciplinary Councilors

Erin Lipp


Joy Sturtevant


Mary Ann Bruns


Peter Girguis


Vincent Young


Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello


Joanna Goldberg, Ph.D.