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Early Abstract Submission Closes May 24, 12 p.m. EDT. 

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Important Dates

May 3: Abstract Submission Opens
May 24: Early Abstract Submission Closes
May 25-June 1: Early Abstract Review Period
June 6: Early Abstract Dispositions Sent
Aug. 30: General Abstract Submission Deadline
Sept. 2-16: General Abstract Review Period
Sept. 19: General Abstract Dispositions Sent

Travel Award

Students and postdoctoral fellows who submit an abstract and request consideration during the abstract submission process are eligible for a travel award. Deadline: Aug. 30, 2022, 12 p.m. ET.

What You Need to Submit Your Abstract

1. Login:  Use your ASM account credentials to login. If you forgot your username/password or to confirm that you have an ASM user account, press the Password Reminder link on the homepage of the submission site. If you do not have an ASM user account, you may create one by following the link on the homepage of the submission site. Click the New Submission button to begin the abstract submission process.

2. Abstract Title: Please use a short and concise title that indicates the content of the abstract. The title submitted must be the title on your poster. Titles will be reformatted automatically so that all words are capitalized. Do not place a period at the end of your title or hard returns. Trade names are not permitted in abstract titles. (Note: The title is included in the 2200-character limit. Spaces are not counted.)

3. Abstract Body Text: Your abstract may have up to 2200 characters, which does not include authors, affiliations, tables and graphics. Spaces are not counted. Do not include abstract title, authors or keywords in the abstract text. Abstract text may be submitted using either of the following methods: copy/paste, direct entry keystrokes or file upload. ASM recommends that the abstract is divided into 4 sections and each section is bolded as follows: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions.

4. Keyword: Keywords are completely independent of each other and should be able to stand alone. Words should be lowercase, except for genus names and proper nouns. For Greek characters, please spell out names. Organisms will be italicized in final publications. (Note: You can enter up to 3 keywords, but only 1 keyword is required).

5. Author(s) Information: Authors, groups and institutions are not included in the 2200-character limit. Spaces are not counted. Author's names will be displayed using first initial(s) and full last name. Presenting authors will be displayed in bold type.

For co-authors and groups, the institution and email address should be entered for each author.

For authors, co-authors and groups, each institution and author will be referenced with superscript numbers and include the institution’s city, state/province abbreviation and country.

6. Abstract Requirements: Abstracts must have a complete structure including the following components:
  • Introduction/background.
  • Methods/study design.
  • Results.
  • Discussion/conclusions.
Submitted abstracts with an incomplete structure are ineligible for an award. In addition, abstracts that are promotional in nature are considered ineligible for an award. 

Please note, all communication about your abstract will come from conferences@asmusa.org.  Please add this address to your safe senders list in your email program to prevent bounce backs or notifications being sent to a junk mail folder.

Technical Support

If you have any questions regarding use of the abstract submission site, please contact technical support:

Email: asm@support.ctimeetingtech.com
Phone: (217) 398-1792
Fax: (217) 355-0101

Additional Submission Information

In order to proceed with abstract submission, your agreement with the following statements is required.
  • This abstract is based on results that have not been published, nor will be published, in any journal before Nov. 1, 2021 or presented at any national or international scientific conference prior to March 1, 2022.
  • All authors are aware that their names appear on the abstract.
  • It is understood that if this abstract is withdrawn after Oct. 8, 2022, one of the authors does not appear to present an accepted abstract or a change in the presenting author is not communicated to ASM, a penalty may be incurred prohibiting the presenting author from presenting papers at ASM sponsored meetings for a period of up to 3 years.
  • It is understood that if this abstract is accepted, ASM will own the rights to all electronic or print compilation of conference abstracts, as outlined in ASM’s copyright policy.

Macintosh Users Only

For scientific characters and tables embedded in your abstract text, please use the 'Upload a File Containing Your Abstract' option.


  • Once your abstract text is saved, you will be given an opportunity to add a graphic or table.
  • Tables count as 250 characters, which are included in the 2200-character limit.
  • The table generator is limited to 5 columns and 8 rows. Use the tab to move between cells. Online instructions are available as you proceed.
  • You may upload your table as a graphic.


  • The recommended graphic size, to optimize resolution, is 2 inches wide by 3 inches tall and 300 DPI.
  • Graphics count as 500 characters, which are included in the 2200-character limit.
  • Graphics are submitted separately, subsequent to abstract text.
  • Graphics will appear large on the screen, but will be adapted for publication.

Review Your Work

  • It is very important that you review your work for accuracy, including spelling and figures.
  • Ensure that the character count is within the 2200-character limit.
  • Make sure submitted tables and graphics are completely submitted and appear in the abstract text to guarantee that the abstract submission process is complete.

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