Submit a Scientific Primer

Deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (UTC -07:00)

New for 2022! The 2022 ASMCUE Planning Committee is soliciting proposals for a new type of submission, Scientific Primers. A scientific primer is a short "train-the-trainer" style talk that introduces the audience to new advances in molecular biology techniques. It's a chance for current graduate students or postdocs to help undergraduate educators stay up to date with recent advances in molecular biology techniques and revise their courses with fresh science content. These 30-minute presentations will take place July 13-15, 2022Review the proposal criteria and submit a proposal.

Note: All presenters are responsible for conference registration fees.


Sessions are 30 minutes long

Past ASMCUE attendees have specifically requested scientific-focused sessions at ASMCUE that will serve as “primers” or short introductions to advances in molecular biology techniques within the past 3—5 years. These “train the trainer”-style talks will aim to help undergraduate educators stay up to date with recent advances in molecular biology techniques and revise their courses with fresh science content. A talk will give an overview of the how, what, why, and when certain techniques are used for the microbial sciences.

Successful submissions will be from current graduate students or postdocs who are interested in teaching careers within higher education and demonstrate that how attending ASMCUE would positively impact their intended career trajectory. Preference will be given to submitters who have authored papers or are currently using the techniques to be covered during the talk.

The following topics are of particular interest to the ASMCUE Planning Committee:

  • New advances in PCR.

  • Single-cell genomics.

  • Next-generation sequencing and its applications.

  • Omics techniques and applications.

  • Any other in-demand “hot topic” in molecular biology that is highly used in the microbial sciences.

About the Virtual Presentation

  • Dates: Live Scientific Primers will take place July 13 - 15, 2022.
  • Format: Authors may indicate a preference for a live or pre-recorded session for the ASMCUE Planning Committee to take into consideration. For a live session, presenters are allowed 30 minutes to use any way they wish, but must include components to engage the attendees in learning or networking.
  • Platform: Live talks will be broadcast with Restream through the ASMCUE conference platform. Scientific Primer authors must include supporting handouts or websites that reinforce concepts and techniques in the presentation.
  • Preparation: Presenters who are accepted for a live talk are expected to:
    • Attend one live speaker training session about using Restream or view the recording.
    • Follow ASMCUE Presentation Guidelines when designing and delivering their talks (will be distributed after session acceptance). These Guidelines include features for attendee accessibility.
  • Attendee experience: All Scientific Primers require an online active learning experience (e.g., group collaboration through a web-based app like Padlet or Jamboard, polling, “waterfall chat”) to enhance attendee engagement and model evidence-driven learning strategies for a synchronous online learning experience. Due to the nature of the conference and feedback from previous attendees, breakout rooms are discouraged as a form of active learning during ASMCUE.
  • Recording: With speakers’ consent, ASMCUE Virtual will record Scientific Primers, which will be made available to ASMCUE attendees.

Key Application Components

Deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 | 11:59 p.m. PDT (UTC -07:00)

Prepare these in advance of submitting your proposal

  • ASMCUE attendee learning outcomes.
  • Brief description for the conference platform (up to 100 words) and a longer description for the reviewers frame the context and usefulness to attendees (up to 300 words).
  • A detailed attendee engagement plan for your 30-minute scientific primer.
  • A personal statement of what the lead author wishes to gain from attending ASMCUE.
  • Short (up to 100 words) biography of the lead author.


  • This submission type is limited to only current graduate students and postdocs who are interested in pursuing careers in higher education with a teaching component.
  • Applicants can save progress on their application and return to complete at a later time.

Review Criteria and Guidelines

Competitive proposals will propose a content area that would be of broad interest to undergraduate biology educators and is well organized with a detailed plan to engage attendees during the session. All submissions are reviewed by the Committee according to the following criteria (see rubric):
  • Topic is of clear interest to ASMCUE attendees.
  • Author(s) show evidence that they have a background in education and career trajectory that would benefit from attending ASMCUE.
  • Attendee experience.
The Committee reserves the right to contact authors for more information and to transfer submissions, if warranted, to another presentation format within the ASMCUE program.

Download the Scientific Primer Rubric

Commercial products/services

A proposal must discuss any commercial product or service, name the product, and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Proposals that promote a specific commercial product or service for purchase will be recommended for the ASMCUE Exhibit and Sponsorship Program.


The primary contact will receive a disposition by May 2022.