Explore How Microbes Impact Human Health at the First-Ever ASM Research Symposium

Welcome to the ASM Global Research Symposium Microbes in Human Health, hosted in partnership with Tsinghua University. This first-of-its-kind meeting is bringing scientists from around the world together to share knowledge about how microbes can shape the future of human health. The meeting will be held in person at the Tsinghua University Campus in Beijing and free to attend for a limited number of participants.

Important Dates

  • Registration opening soon.
  • Registration closes-Sept. 6, 2024.
  • Conference Dates-Sept. 25-27, 2024.

Scientific Program and Event Registration coming soon!

Tsinghua University campus, where the ASM Global Research Symposium will be held
Tsinghua University campus, where the ASM Global Research Symposium will be held.
Source: Tsinghua University

About the Global Research Symposium

Microbial disease is a global public health threat that affects every human around the world and will remain a public health threat with local and global consequences until all countries are empowered to establish reliable and sustainable interventions.

This symposium will present groundbreaking research focused on human health and disease, host-pathogen interactions and therapeutic interventions, and will connect leading global researchers as they share their discoveries and discuss solutions to humanity’s most pressing global health challenges.

The ASM Global Research Symposium demonstrates ASM’s commitment to convene global leaders across disciplines and give them resources and a platform to solve pressing global health challenges. ASM is a generative, science-centric nonprofit, whose mission and vision are connected to the world around us. We recognize that we must work together to build reliable and sustainable interventions that can make a meaningful impact in the world.

Meeting Venue & Co-Host

Tsinghua University, located in Beijing, China, is one of the most prestigious and influential universities in the world. It was established in 1911 and has since been renowned for its academic excellence, innovative research and commitment to cultivating future leaders. Tsinghua is consistently ranked among the top universities globally and is recognized for its strong emphasis on science, engineering and technology.

The School of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) at Tsinghua University is one of the leading institutions for medical education and research in China. The school is dedicated to training outstanding medical professionals in various fields of basic medical sciences, including infectious diseases, immunology, cancer biology, neurodegenerative disease and molecular biology, conducting cutting-edge research in biomedical sciences and contributing to advancements in global health. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and state-of-the-art facilities, BMS continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of medical science and healthcare worldwide.