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Join us in Atlanta, June 13-17, 2024!

As the world’s largest microbial sciences conference, ASM Microbe is the best place to showcase your research, engage with global leaders and forge new connections with scientists, researchers and educators, just like you. Dive deep into groundbreaking discoveries across 8 scientific tracks and tailor your experience with our unique meeting-within-a-meeting format. Whether you immerse yourself in the broader conference or focus on your specialty, an unparalleled experience awaits!

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ASM Microbe by the Numbers


5,500+ Annual Attendees 


20+ Countries Represented


77 Types of Microbiology Research


200+ Unique Sessions

Why ASM Microbe?

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With a 93% acceptance rate for abstract submissions, you have a unique opportunity to submit your research and shape the 2024 program.

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Step out of your normal routine and into a world of discovery. Gain insights from global pioneers, explore revolutionary technologies and learn about the latest discoveries in and beyond your niche.

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Grow your professional network, spark new collaborations and build genuine friendships with experts and peers worldwide who share your passion for the microbial sciences.

Your Science, Your Community

Tracks help you build a personalized ASM Microbe experience. With each track focused on a different scientific area, you can find everything you need in one place: your track hub. The best part? You’re not limited to 1 track. Choose sessions across all 8 tracks for a cross-disciplinary experience.

Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance (AAR) track icon
Antimicrobial Agents and Resistance (AAR)
Applied and Environmental Science (AES) track icon
Applied and Environmental Science (AES)
Clinical Infections and Vaccines (CIV) track icon
Clinical Infections and Vaccines (CIV)
Clinical and Public Health Microbiology (CPHM) track icon
Clinical and Public Health Microbiology (CPHM)
Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity (EEB) track icon
Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity (EEB)
Host-Microbiome Biology (HMB) track icon
Host-Microbiome Biology (HMB)
Molecular Biology and Physiology (MBP) track icon
Molecular Biology and Physiology (MBP)
Profession of Microbiology (POM) track icon
Profession of Microbiology (POM)

Future ASM Microbe Dates

ASM Microbe 2025

June 19-23, 2025  |  Los Angeles

ASM Microbe 2026

June 4-8, 2026  |  Washington, D.C.