Session Proposals for ASM Microbe 2020

Proposal submission is now closed

ASM Microbe brings together exceptional education into one creative learning environment. To create an innovative and comprehensive program that reflects the broad scope of the microbial sciences, the Program Committee (PC) has developed a list of eight tracks

What We Look For 

The ASM Microbe Program Committee (PC) develops the meeting in part from submitted session proposals.  Proposals will be reviewed and considered using the following criteria:
  1. Completed submission form, including all moderators and speakers.
  2. Session title that accurately reflects the topic.
  3. Appropriate session format for the session proposed (occasionally the PC may suggest an alternate session type for your topic).
  4. Well-written session description and learning objectives that give a clear picture of the session and what attendees will learn through their participation.
    1. Meets the needs of the community
    2. Hasn’t been presented recently (or if it has, merits an update)
    3. Includes compelling justifications for the speakers
  5. Current topic(s) that present the latest science.
  6. Moderator and speaker diversity (gender, race, career level, geography, etc.).

Next Steps

​After proposal submissions close, all proposals are reviewed by the Program Committee. The committee meets in mid-August 2019 to develop the program including session proposals submitted by ASM members.

We often receive multiple proposals on the same topic, and the Program Committee may choose to combine proposals into a single session. Committee members may also build from ideas provided in a session proposal and develop them into a new session with a different format. If your proposed session is not one of those directly incorporated, then every effort will be made to identify whether and how it was used in developing the final program.

Status of proposals are sent out by Sept. 30, 2019.

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